SLO County auctioning off jewelry, sports memorabilia, guitars

June 5, 2022


The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office is currently auctioning off jewelry and other luxury items seized during an embezzlement case. The proceeds of the auction will go to the victims to offset their losses.

SLOCAL Estate Auctions based in Morro Bay is conducting the online auction of jewelry, watches, sports memorabilia, designer shoes, handbags, artwork and other items.

The auction is currently active and will conclude June 9. To see details on this auction click here.

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If you are wondering *which* embezzlement case, the 49ers helmet is autographed to the “Wilde” family, which would make it part of the $877k Joy Noel Wilde embezzlement case.

The sheer extravagance of the showy trinket crap she bought is disgusting. She sure wasn’t stealing to put food on the table for her family or better their lives at all.

If they know who the victims are, why not give them back their property?

Turning it into cash allows the county to skim off some

The embezzler used the victim’s $$ to buy jewelry, sports memorabilia, etc.

The items were confiscated and will be auctioned off.

The victim will get $$ from the auction proceeds.