SLO County Democratic voters ahead in early ballot returns

June 6, 2022


With the primary election a day away in San Luis Obispo County, registered Democratic voters have returned approximately 20% more ballots than their Republican counterparts. Democrats have already returned 20,727 ballots, ahead of Republicans who have returned 14,035 ballots.

Regardless, at 23% the number of total ballots returned suggests a low turnout.

In SLO County, three supervisorial races will be determined during the June 7 primary: District 2, District 3 and District 4.

In District 2, Democrats lead Republicans in voter turnout by 10%. Overall, District 2 voters have returned 22% of their ballots.

In the old District 3, Democrats lead Republicans in voter turnout by 32%. Overall, District 3 voters have returned 24% of their ballots.

In District 4, Democrats lead Republicans in voter turnout by 10%. Overall, District 4 voters have returned 26% of their ballots.

It will take about a week to count the ballots, as under current law ballots postmarked by 8 p.m. on Election Day will be counted as long as they are received within a week.

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My bet: Ortiz by a lot; in a low turnout election Paulding in a squeaker; Gibson, Auslen, Jones, Whitworth in that order with Gibson and Auslen in a runoff

Sounds about right. Auslen as a deal maker breaking 2-2 ties is scary. He is Adam Hill on steroids. Even Gibson would be better.

It’s all the dead people who always vote Democrat, I hear they like to vote early.

“Bill Kristol told Daley that the GOP “lost faith in democracy. We lost faith that we could compete for votes and win elections. Therefore, you’ve got to start restricting the electorate.”

“First we’re going to gerrymander. Then we’re going to suppress the votes in inner cities. Then we’re going to discredit mail-in voting,” Kristol said, detailing his party’s strategy to win in spite of its lack of popular legitimacy in the eyes of a majority of voters. “It’s all of a piece in terms of the unwillingness to value a fair, open, and legitimate intellectual process.”

“That’s very bad for democratic principles and very bad for a political party,” Kristol acknowledged. “”

When the gqp has no platform or plan and can only obstruct progress going forward.

Kristol is no Republican. Keep drinking the lefts poison.

Recycling Τrumр’s tired old debunked lies, are we, Tatro?

“When we combed news reports in recent years for cases of ballot fraud on behalf of deceased voters, we found that Republicans were more often the perpetrators. Not every case of voting on behalf of the dead has been discovered, adjudicated in court, and received media coverage. However, six cases that have surfaced during the past five years produced either a plea of guilty or no contest, and in each case the defendant was either a registered Republican or acknowledged voting for Τrumр. ”

I get the vote by mail ballot (something I didn’t request it just started showing up) but I hand deliver to the polls since I don’t trust the Postal Service and have heard too many stories of people walking their dog and finding discarded ballots.

I hand-delivered my unasked for mail ballot after my ballot in the last (recall) election somehow “got lost” between the post office (not just a mailbox) and the counting machine. I mailed it 10 days before the election, but it was not listed as received. I called the County and was told in effect, too bad, if you vote in person and the mailed in ballot comes to light we will prosecute you.

If someone votes twice “we will prosecute you”. As it should be.

Also there is a process to deal with lost ballots, it happens.

I’ve got a feeling a lot of registered democrats will be voting for republicans this year….

Um, not any that are even slightly pro-choice for obvious reasons.

Pure election corruption. Colorado like Cheech&Chong, are up in smoke with debased minds.

No corruption, fine and legal. It’s not like party preference is tattooed at birth.

I have voted as a D and R as needed, this is America.

So, more of the same then? I keep waiting for the pendulum to swing back but it must be stuck.

There is no pendulum.

It’s being stolen! Rally at the County building! Take over the County gov’t and whine for two years!

You forgot the army of attorneys and to gin up the fund raising scams.

Well, it appears the Progressive/Democrat mules are off to an early trot to the boxes.

By “mules” do you mean voters who are carrying out their constitutional right?

How would you cut down on these “mules” that are voting?

How about a poll tax so you know people who are voting are really invested in the vote?

How about a reading test to make sure they are smart enough to vote?

Move somewhere ruby red if you don’t like rational, intelligent, and compassionate people voting. This county is not going back to the 1950s.

Let’s continue to alienate humans by tribal means as labels and continue to fuel hatred; propaganda for the masses at its best preached right there. Referring to your neighbors as mules; smarter than a horse at least, and more sure footed. Fyi, that’s a breed of animal between a horse and a donkey and is sterile. I’d take a mule over a donkey or horse any day. Backwards compliment from the person; who smelt it dealt it. Think your smarter than a mule? I’d really like to see you ride one. Or catch a greased hog.

Obviously some people don’t understand “mules” can mean something other than equines. They must have thought the video “2000 Mules” was just another animal exploitation flick and didn’t watch it.

No matter the ‘official documented’ outcome if the person or issue I voted for loses then the election is rigged.


Yeah, gosh darn lobbying. If only you couldn’t buy off politicians on America.

Kind of like the late Adam Hill, Heidi Harmon, Jim Shoals, city of Morro Bay and the presiding judge on the case. You mean like all of THOSE corrupt politicians?