Thousands of uncounted ballots in SLO County could impact races

June 8, 2022


There are still thousands of ballots to count in San Luis Obispo County, leaving many races undetermined. The county clerk recorder has not yet released the number of uncounted ballots while her staff continues to organize returns.

The number of reported mail in ballots received before Monday morning exceeds the number of ballots counted on election night, according to the clerk recorder. By Monday morning, the county had received and sorted 43,003 ballots, 22.99% of the 187,043 county ballots.

Currently, the county has tallied only 39,777, or 21.87% of county ballots.

In addition, thousands of ballots were dropped off at collection sites throughout the county and later transported to the county building in San Luis Obispo. Even though the number of uncounted ballots was required by state law to be available Wednesday morning, because of the large number of drop off ballots received, the clerk recorder has not yet made those numbers available.

It will likely take weeks for some local races to have a clear winner

Local election results with 21.87% tallied:

SLO County District 2 Supervisor

  • Bruce Gibson – 52.98%
  • Bruce Jones – 16.77%
  • Geoff Auslen – 16.74%
  • John Whitworth – 13.51%

SLO County District 3 Supervisor

  • Dawn Ortiz-Legg – 64.88%
  • Stacy Korsgaden – 31.81%
  • Arnold Ruiz – 3.31%

SLO County District 4 Supervisor

  • Jimmy Paulding – 58.30%
  • Lynn Compton – 41.70%

SLO County Clerk Recorder

  • Elaina Cano – 66.79%
  • James Baugh – 18%
  • Stew Jenkins – 15.21%

SLO County Superior Court Judge # 12

  • Mike Frye – 67.68%
  • Paul Phillips – 32.32%

Oceano fire tax (2/3 needed to pass)

  • Yes – 60.93%
  • No – 39.07%

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As if it makes any difference who’s elected. It will be a continuation of the previous shit show.

Why are we not surprised the fox was watching the hen house and got elected. Well we won’t be seeing honest elections in this county anytime soon!!!

Really? And your evidence for this is…

What’s strange is that there was a little less than 182,000 registered voters before the election, but they sent out over 187,000 ballots! That’s 5,000 more, and the reasoning for this many extra ballots eludes me. How can this election possibly be “transparent?”

They messed up on their math.

39,777 ballots is 21.87% of 181,879 (which is 15 off of the 181,894 registered voters in the county). I don’t know where they are getting the numbers for Monday night. Those contradict CCN’s other stats as well as the county’s. I assume it’s human error but I would like CCN to check their work.

I received an email from Elaina Cano in which she claims on Monday that there were 187,043 ballots sent to voters, not the 181,879 that you note. The math is done on the clerk recorders assertion she mailed out 187,043 ballots. The number of voters change as people report voters are no longer at an address.

Thank you for your source.

Your numbers still seem to contradict each other. If 39,777 ballots are 21.87% of the total then that almost exactly agrees with the county records in the link I gave above (these two numbers differ by 15). This is considerably different than what you state in the previous paragraph. I’m just pointing out that the statements about the numbers are at odds with each other.

Why would they send out more ballots than needed? Something is strange with that. It might explain a lot.

Uh oh , here it comes the dead and invisible people’s votes will now impact the vote counting process