Vote for the better Bruce for SLO County District 2

June 1, 2022

Dr. Bruce Jones


With less than two weeks to go in the race for San Luis Obispo County supervisor of District 2, it’s looking like quite the horse race. Bruce Gibson, who is seeking his fifth term as county supervisor, could be in trouble.

Gibson, a left-wing progressive, has been a contentious and combative public official throughout his years in office and it’s wearing a bit thin.

Redistricting and Bruce Gibson

Consider the county’s redistricting battle that he fought tooth and nail earlier this year. Despite the hissy fit thrown by Gibson, the Tribune, and Tribune editorial writer Tom Fulks (who Gibson calls “the man behind his curtain”), the redistricting proposal that was ultimately approved serves as one of the best decisions made by the Board of Supervisors in decades.

SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson

While Gibson failed to turn the tide, he was adamant that Atascadero, West Templeton, and San Miguel should not be included in his district. But included they are and now he is fighting for the votes of communities Gibson didn’t want to represent.

Gibson was also an ardent defender of late Supervisor Adam Hill who committed suicide shortly after the FBI discovered that Hill had taken over $30,000 in bribes from marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring. While serving together as supervisors, Gibson and Hill were joined at the hip politically. Both were forceful advocates of the local marijuana ordinance backed by Dayspring and his associates. Now Dayspring is headed to federal prison for bribery and income tax evasion.

Enter the better Bruce: Bruce Jones

Retired physician Dr. Bruce Jones is one of three opponents who are running to take Gibson’s seat. As a member of the Templeton Advisory Committee, he’s learned the inner workings of San Luis Obispo County. With Covid-19 and the homelessness issue staring the county in the face, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone with the medical expertise, experience, and compassion for dealing with homelessness on the Board of Supervisors.

Bruce Jones need only remind the residents of Atascadero, West Templeton, and San Miguel about how hard Gibson fought to keep those communities out of his district. Up until the approval of the county’s redistricting, Gibson never wanted to represent those communities whose votes he’s now trying to solicit.

Then consider Gibson’s position on county roads. Supervisor Debbie Arnold, who has faithfully represented Atascadero for years, has been a champion for the maintenance and improvements to County roads for more than five years, despite Gibson’s incessant attacks on her efforts to improve those roads.

Now running in a different district where roads are a high priority, his commercials would have voters believe that he’s an advocate for county roads when he resisted Arnold’s efforts for half a decade.

Another candidate: Geoff Auslen

Geoff Auslen

Auslen, an Atascadero businessman, is another candidate for supervisor of District 2. While he should be focusing on running against Gibson, he has chosen to attack Dr. Bruce Jones as the centerpiece of his campaign, something Gibson is no doubt enjoying.

Auslen is backed by an influential professional planning consultant and permit expediter for the marijuana industry, an industry that Gibson has strongly supported. Do we really need more of that kind of influence on our County Board of Supervisors? I think not.

Dr. Bruce Jones: The better choice

Dr. Bruce is by far the best choice for supervisor of District 2. After 16 contentious years in office, it’s time to retire Bruce Gibson.

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I have no horse in this race but am concerned by the fact that I have heard from many different individuals about what a nasty guy Auslen is. I’ve seen Gibson in action, so know it to be true about him, but how unfortunate for District 2 to have two men with terrible tempers running to represent them.

Separating Santa Margarita from Atascadero, breaking up Los Osos, Morro Bay and Cayucos into three districts and likewise for San Luis Obispo is “one of the best decisions made by the Board of Supervisors in decades.”

Really? These areas are not only geographically tied together but are also economically, socially and politically linked. The issues facing folks in Atascadero and West Templeton are very different from the problems in Cayucos or Cambria.

This outrageous gerrymandering is simply a ploy by conservatives to elect a board that is in lock-step with the wealthiest of the county’s citizens and corporations. Do you really think that Debbie Arnold or Lynn Compton would have worked to create the Pismo Preserve or the Morro Bay-Cayucos Coastal Conservancy which is preserving the stretch between Morro Bay and Cayucos for dogs and recreation?

I think not. These areas would have already been paved over with hotels and condos. Don’t fool yourself. If I lived in Santa Margarita, I would be very worried that the election of Jones, Korsgaden and Compton, to go with Arnold, will bring about the approval of the long sought after gravel mine west of the town which would use Highway 58 and El Camino as a main thoroughfare for big trucks as they connect with the 101. The citizens of the that town would most certainly see their property values crater.

I believe the board needs a mixture of voices, including liberal, conservative and independent. This new supervisorial map will destroy that mix.

I meant “east” of Santa Margarita.

Gibson needs to go, we still don’t know what the FBI found out while digging up the dirt on dirty Hill, Gibson has long served himself and now its time for the resident s to be represented.