Mixed results on SLO County tax measures

November 10, 2022


Voters appear split on local tax measures in San Luis Obispo County, with early results indicating some will pass while others will fail.

Thus far, Arroyo Grande voters are narrowly rejecting a sales tax increase. Measure D-22 would raise the sales tax rate in Arroyo Grande from 7.75% to 8.75%.

The city already has its own .5% sales tax rate, which is added to the statewide rate of 7.25%.

Arroyo Grande voters are currently rejecting the sales tax hike by a tally of 51.49% to 48.51%, according to the final election night results. There have been 2,147 votes cast against the tax measure, and 2,023 votes in favor of it. A simple majority vote is required to pass the tax measure.

In Morro Bay, a parcel tax intended to fund harbor infrastructure improvements is failing by a wide margin. Morro Bay voters are rejecting Measure B-22, with 63.58% opposing it and 36.42% supporting it.

Had it passed, the measure would have established an annual $120 parcel tax to fund repairs and maintenance of city-owned harbor infrastructure, including docks, piers, the Harbor Walk, public restrooms, revetments and launch camps. The parcel tax would have increased in line with inflation until ended by voters.

Paso Robles voters are thus far supporting a transient occupancy tax increase. Measure F-22 would increase Paso Robles’s transient occupancy tax rate from 10% to 11%, generating about $750,000 annually for the city. The tax measure is currently passing, with 60.24% of votes in favor of it and 39.76% of votes against it.

Additionally, Paso Robles voters are deciding on an initiative to establish an appointed city treasurer. The city treasurer initiative, Measure E-22, is failing 58.55% to 41.45%. As with the transient occupancy tax measure, the treasurer initiative requires a simple majority to pass.

Voters in the Cambria Community Healthcare District and the San Luis Coastal Unified School District are each deciding on a bond measure.

An $8.5 million bond measure for improving the Cambria Community Healthcare District’s ambulance station and services needs a two-thirds vote in order to pass. Measure G-22, which would be funded by an increase in property taxes, is currently below the threshold for approval. Thus far, 60.90% of voters have been in favor of the bond measure, while 39.10% have been against it.

The San Luis Coastal bond measure currently stands a better chance of passing. C-22 is a $349 million bond measure that would raise property taxes to fund security and classroom upgrades at all elementary and middle schools in Morro Bay, Los Osos and San Luis Obispo.

A 55% vote is required for the San Luis Coastal bond measure to pass. The measure is currently passing, with 60.69% of votes in favor of it and 39.31% against.

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This election has been totally weird. You have everything going up except wages Government wants new tax’s and bonds that you pay for 10 times over and forever and the people complain but then they vote the same people back in and vote to give the Government more money to waste. C-22 wants to create bond to put security around schools but where has all the Lotto money gone and we just had a 2 billion power ball and you see how much of that goes to government so why do they always need more? because it’s not coming out of their pockets and know you fools will give more and more. You blew your chance to change things this election!!!!

New taxes and tax increases are totally unnecessary. State and local government already has plenty of money in its coffers. Government only needs to clean up its fraud, waste and abuse of our tax dollars.

In Morro Bay the water front pays directly to the Harbor district, IE: everything on the water front is rented or leased to someone, plus the district gets a cut of the sales reciepts, so the question is where does that money go.

Wages and benefits

If SLO County cities and towns have their way with taxes and fees , all roads, highways and bridges etc etc … Will be toll roads and bridges that lead into every town and city etc etc …Last time I crossed a SF area toll bridge it cost me 27.00 for one direction crossing ..Some bay area commuters pay $50.00 to $200.00 per day for use of Fast Pass , lane preference and toll bridges / toll roadways etc

Good on Arroyo Grande voters. They saw through the “it’s for the infrastructure don’t you know” nonsense. Now it’s time for the bureaucrats to learn basic math and realize that over promised salaries and pensions are not affordable. For goodness sakes, quit aping other counties and do your own thinking.

More likely instead of the AG council understanding and knowing that they now need to do their job, tell every department to trim their budgets to live within their means, get the compensation and pension percentage down around 40%, instead of the almost 70% it is at now, end the FCFA, they will first try the scare routine, “we must cut services and safety”, and if that doesn’t work they will just wrap up the same tax proposals in a new wrapper and try to fool enough voters again. Just like Oceano does with the unfair parcel tax.

Giving the Gov more money for schools, harbors, sewer systems…or whatever, is basically like throwing off the end of the pier into the ocean. Duh

No it isn´t

I have a sarcastic, antagonistic truth to add but I will just agree with indabarrel.

Who pays for the metaphorical pier to throw your money off of, the roads to get there, the engineers who made it, the police and fire and EMS who protect it? Hm. If only we just taxed the rich more and payed underqualified gov jobs less, stopped DOD lobbying and banned Corporate entities and charged people with crimes as individuals? Ban offshore tax havens, and actually held the rich accountable for the world’s demise and end propoganda funded by them? Hm. Well, the majority spoke in Slo, so I encourage your echo chamber due to your constitutional rights, try to not insurrection democracy or kill anyone though, please. Slo county, thank God, including Paso, isn’t loosing their mind due to one insane post president; soon to be soap dropping prison fodder, he does have a large butt, many men in prison are looking forward, or from behind, for that.