San Luis Obispo closes trails, issues mountain lion advisory

November 20, 2022


Amid multiple mountain lion sightings, the city of San Luis Obispo closed two open spaces, multiple trails and issued a wildlife advisory on Sunday.

After receiving reports of mountain lion sightings in and around the Irish Hills and Johnson Ranch open spaces over the past few days, the city closed both open spaces temporarily to the public. The closures includes hiking and biking trails.

Mountain lion sightings happen occasionally this time of year, leading the city to advice the public to take caution when out and about.

“If you are involved in a close face-to-face encounter with a mountain lion, please do not approach it or run away,” city staff advises. “Leave the area by backing away slowly and give the lion a path to leave. If you need assistance, call 911 immediately.”

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I see cougars downtown all the time.

“Closed the open spaces and trails”; seriously?!? As if animals don’t come and go all the time? Every time you go out in nature, a “wildlife advisory” should be going off in your own head… Closing nature due to animals; seen it all now, my god.

Totally agree. A big cat sighting can happen in many areas in our neck of the woods. That’s part of its beauty. But, the chance of one of these animals attacking a human is extremely rare. They might go after your small dog, though. LOL

The big shnoogie-woogies just want to be friends. Stuff pockets with chicken, smear clothing with tuna water, and walk around shaking a bag of Pounce treats calling, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!” Instant friendship.