Man shot and killed near the pier in Pismo Beach

February 19, 2023


A man was shot and killed in Pismo Beach in the pier promenade area during an altercation with strangers on Saturday night.

Shortly before midnight, four Hispanic men and several women confronted the 40-year-old man from Fresno claiming he had a possible gang affiliation. During the verbal argument, the four Hispanic men tried to to engage the victim and his friends in a physical fight.

Armed with a firearm, the shooter then joined the group.

After confronting the victim, the suspect shot him multiple times from a close distance.

The suspect was spotted leaving the pier parking lot with several other people in a tan or brown colored older model Chevy Silverado. The vehicle was last seen headed southbound on Highway 1.

The shooter is described as an Hispanic male, with a thin build and approximately 18 to 20 years old. He was wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt and dark colored pants.

Pismo Beach detectives are working closely with local agencies and detectives out of Fresno to identify the suspect and the other parties involved in the altercation.

This is the first shooting-related homicide in Pismo Beach since March of 2006, when an armed man entered the Denny’s restaurant on Five Cities Drive and murdered two victims before taking his own life.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the shooting or the suspects to call the Pismo Beach Police Department at (805) 773-2208.

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What’s with the gangs and piers. First Santa Barbra now Pismo. The local PD’s need to send these thugs back to Fresno.

Seems like a lot more shootings and assaults are happening and I know I will get a lot of negative response when i ask the question does any police force see if these crimes are committed by people who are here illegally as I would think that would help figure some things out even though the current government doesn’t care probably a waste of time

A few weeks ago on a Friday night I pulled into Rosa’s parking lot with my family and there was an obvious gang altercation going on in the parking lot. A large overweight man was blocking the parking lot so no one could move forward once they were pulled into the parking lot. He was having an altercation with group of people who had pulled up into the exit of the parking lot. The obese 6’7″ man was wearing a shirt and hat from Pismo Board Room Beer Pub. He was on his phone screaming and threatening the other car and anyone in the parking lot who was trying to get away. After we navigated out of the situation and went inside he was sitting at the bar with a group of people wearing identifying gang clothing. What the hell is going on in Pismo? Me and my family will continue to avoid all restaurants and businesses in Pismo until it is deemed safe.

The Bako Navy has arrived folks!

The what?

Such a dangerous culture.

What is such a dangerous culture? Pismo Beach?

The gang culture, specifically central valley gang culture.