SLO County moves forward on changing campaign donation limits

March 21, 2023


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 on Tuesday to move forward with further discussions on rescinding a 2020 ordinance that sets campaign contribution limits at $25,000, as part of the consent agenda.

In 2019, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation limiting campaign contributions to local candidates to $4,700 in cities and counties that do not have their own contribution limits. The county responded by limiting donations from individuals at $25,000, with Supervisor Bruce Gibson dissenting.

With a new board majority, supervisors Gibson and Jimmy Paulding likely have the votes to limit individual campaign donations to $4,700, while having no limit on independent expenditures from groups such as unions.

Paulding said he was in favor of the lower limit because it reduces the influence of big donors.

Several members of the public voiced concerns that while the proposal stops individuals from donating more than $4,700, it allows unions and other groups to donate large sums of money without their donors being personally identified.

“Limiting individuals is kinda ridiculous because you can just back door it for a group,” Creston resident Greg Grewal said.

On April 4, county staff is slated to introduce an ordinance rescinding the previous ordinance and a summary for an ordinance limiting donations from individuals to $4,700.

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“Limiting individuals is kinda ridiculous because you can just back door it for a group,” Creston resident Greg Grewal said.”


Ya the sky is the limit for communistic organizations when it comes to political donations, with that they get the votes too. As they say, “there is strength in numbers”, Are you sure that you want to formalize organizations picking your representative?

I don’t understand. Is the preference that individuals could spend $25,000 each? Couldn’t the union members just all spend that much then and increase their influence?

Government unions already have a greater influence because the resolve of their pay differences are at the expense of every taxpayer, The trade unions are regulated by the supply / customer relationship.

Big businesses, wealthy family foundations, political committees, unions and the Mexican Cartels heartily endorse the rule changes.

Too bad. After the BOS vote to raise the trash rates in Los Osos by 97%, I’ll be voting republican in the next election.

Had you been voting Republican for the last 40+ years, you may not have found yourself in the current predicament.

So true we would be a lot better off !!

The rate increases for trash pick up in los Osos are reasonable and necessary. If you have a way to make the cost cheaper, let us know. Trash hauling and dump fees are not cheap. Imagine the cost of time and money if you didn’t have trash pick up and had to take your garbage and trash to the dump your self.

Los Osos had it’s own landfill. It was decided that is was reasonable and necessary to close it, and have only one landfill for the south county. Rates went up then too. It was also deemed reasonable and necessary, to force the garbage companies, to replace their fleet of garbage trucks with so-called “green” trucks, that get lower mileage, with higher maintenance, higher cost, and higher fees to pay for it all.

Totally reasonable.

Some people would call that progress. You’re blaming that on who? And you’re saying you think they should reopen the landfill in los Osos? Good luck on that. But don’t expect it to be cheaper.

Jimmy still gets his $600,000 from the unions. This guy is a classic political weasel.

Jim Paulding has proved himself time and again to be a diligent and ethical politician. And people in his district know that, and that’s why he prevailed in his campaign against the incumbent Supervisor.

There is no such thing as a ethical /honest politician

If that’s the case, then you just have to vote for the best guy there is. And in most cases that would be Jim Paulding. Find out the facts and you’ll know what I’m talking about. There’s a reason he beat the incumbent and so far is doing a great job. Maybe you can get on his email list. He’s always providing very helpful information and resources to his constituents. You may not think so, but people in his district think he’s doing a great job. I’m only putting this out because there’s so much total BS being said about some very good people in our community and I wish you would stop but until it does, I feel like it’s necessary to set the record straight. Jim Paulding is the kind of politician that people should be voting for if they want a hard-working, honest person who truly cares about the community. It’s in his background and it’s in his DNA. Check it out before you start repeating lies and miss information.

Jimmy Paulding has his goals set to be a career Politian. He has yet to hold a real job. He says he has a law practice but I am sure it’s not enough to support him. He lacks life experience and was encouraged in the beginning by the corrupt in SLO (aka Adam Hill, et al). having his senior supporters parading around in his tee shirts and having the most signs does not make a good, experienced Politian. And yes, he had lots of union and big developer money behind him, look it up. He’s not for the people, he’s for himself.

Jimmy Paulding is a political weasel.

Jimmy Paulding is beholden to the unions so this is no surprise he would allow unions to donate unlimited amounts of money. He will also likely demand a PLA, like he did in AG, for the new sheriffs substation in Nipomo, another payback to his union buddies.

This makes so much sense (which means right wing extremists, will not like it) . Thank you! Candidates will compete on their merits, not on the size of their checkbook. This will likely bring out a higher quality of candidates. Ones that truly want to help their community instead of simply helping themselves. Our board seems to be moving in much better direction. Thank God.

Uuugh, but donations from any groups have no limits? This means nothing, smoke show for politicians to look like they are standing up for what’s right.


The only way we will clean up government at all levels is to have publicly funded elections with network donated time for debates… no donating from anyone or any corporation and every candidate gets the same amount for their campaign…

Good suggestions. While we’re at it, then, let’s also eliminate any salary or benefits at all for all elected positions. After all, it’s supposed to be “public service”, right?

Right, just like any autocratic country or dictatorship.

Instead, why don’t we go back to hand written ballots where voters write in their choices for each elective office and those votes are counted in the precinct and hand delivered to the Elections Office.

No governement printed ballots other than initiatives which MUST be properly titled and explained. No more confusing titles that mislead voters into approving an initiative because it’s “for the children”, lowers taxes while raising them” or “increases voter participation” by reducing voter choices such as the Top Two system keeping all but the two with the most money from the Nov ballot.

Then the voters and resisdents could actually get what they wanted from their elected officials.

BTW: Networks are a business and, as such, cannot be forced to donate time.

Plus such a plan is exactly how autocratic/dictatorship countries manage their elections. What makes you think it would be any different here?

Also, voters should beware the elected official with his eye on higher office. Anyone truely interested in the welfare of his community would not climb the poitical ladder to gain more power [and money]. They would stay put, helping the voters who elected them live better lives. There is much to be done locally without holding office.

Meanwhile, Newsome is lining his pockets with big donations from anywhere he can get them.