California Capitol briefly evacuated over threat amid manhunt for gunman

April 14, 2023


Jackson Pinney


Officers arrested a man who allegedly fired shots at a hospital Wednesday evening and may have made a threat that resulted in the evacuation of the state Capitol building in Sacramento Thursday morning.

Jackson Pinney, 30, of Hayward allegedly fired shots Wednesday evening while driving a pickup truck through the city of Citrus Heights, located northeast of Sacramento. Shortly afterwards, Pinney fired shots at Kaiser Permanente hospital in nearby Roseville, according to the city’s police department. Roseville police found two rounds lodged in the exterior of the hospital building.

On Thursday morning, the CHP notified lawmakers of a what it said was a credible threat involving the Capitol. A brief evacuation then took place at about 9 a.m.

The state Senate moved its session taking place Thursday morning to a different building. The Assembly postponed its session to a later day, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said. The Capitol building reopened following a brief closure.

Investigators believe Thursday’s incident at the state Capitol may be connected to Pinney, the Roseville Police Department stated in a news release issued later Thursday morning.

Law enforcement officers from different agencies, including the U.S. Marshals Service, conducted a manhunt for Pinney, whom police considered armed and dangerous. Pinney was said to be driving a 2002 gold Ford F-150 single cab truck with the California license plate numbered 6V04299.

Shortly after 4 p.m., officers located Pinney east of Roseville near Granite Bay and took him into custody. Roseville police officers booked Pinney in Placer County Jail on charges of attempted homicide, assault with a firearm, shooting from a moving vehicle and shooting at an inhabited dwelling.

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The heart of the problem is a morally-insane California State Legislature (and Governor) that coddles, pampers and protects violent career criminals.

Its the criminals, not the guns, stupid!

Harsh sentences and punishment is what we must use to fight illegal gun usage….

Use a gun for any illegal act and go to prison for life whether you hit your target or you miss….

If you kill someone with a gun your punishment is death with that very weapon….

if you are caught with a gun and you don’t have a permit and its unregistered an automatic 20 years in prison….

its either something like this at a federal level or we keep burying innocent victims… its up to us… everyone of us….

You can take guns away but that will cause more death and destruction and it will take several lifetimes to do it… getting tough on gun crimes can work immediately…

So tell Washington DC to stop using guns as a political tool and do what’s right before more people die…


“Kentucky has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the US 

A 25-year-old man in Kentucky legally purchased an AR-15-style rifle at a local gun dealership. Six days later he used that weapon to kill five of his colleagues at a downtown bank, Louisville Metro Police said Tuesday. “Universal background checks are nonexistent, so you can buy a gun from a stranger and there’s no record of the sale, making it almost impossible for law enforcement to trace these weapons if they’re ever used in a crime,”

Gun deaths across Kentucky in 2021 were 25% greater than in 2018, the year before permitless carry was allowed in the state, Mascia, said, adding gun homicides during the same time period were up 75%, which she said bucks the idea advanced by gun proponents that the best solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

While federal and state law prohibits convicted felons from gun possession, in Kentucky, domestic abusers on restraining orders, stalkers, fugitives, individuals convicted of hate crimes, and people found to be a danger to themselves or others all have legal access to guns cnn

Confronted with mass shootings, Texas Republicans have repeatedly loosened gun lawsBut when lawmakers have reconvened in Austin in the months after a mass shooting, those same leaders tend to fall silent on any restrictive measures when it comes to guns. In the last two legislative sessions, Texas legislators have loosened gun laws, most notably by passing permitless carry in 2021, less than two years after mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa took the lives of 30 people. In August 2019, after 23 people were killed by an avowed racist at an El Paso Walmart, and a few weeks later, seven more people were killed in a shooting spree in Midland and Odessa, Abbott and Patrick discussed expanding background checks to include stranger-to-stranger gun sales.

By the end of the next legislative session in 2021, Patrick had gone silent on the issue. And the Legislature instead passed a bill long sought by gun rights advocates that allows Texans to openly carry a handgun without a permit.

The Looser a State’s Gun Laws, the More Mass Shootings It HasIt’s worth noting here that while living in a state with strict gun laws does appear to confer some significant public health advantages—fewer gun-related suicides and homicidesone recent study found it cut rates of premature deaths in half—those laws only go so far. Motivated individuals will find ways around them, either over the internet or across porous state borders. The gunman who killed three people in Gilroy, California, in July, for example, traveled to Nevada to buy a military-style rifle configured in a way that was illegal in his home state.

And this type of thing happens a lot. Second Amendment activists often point to Chicago, a city with rampant gun violence in a state that has some of the nation’s strongest gun laws. But most of the guns recovered in Chicago were purchased outside Illinois, in neighboring states with laxer laws, according to a 2017 report by the Chicago Mayor’s Office.

Law blocking federal gun regulation sows confusion in MissouriThe act, which Gov. Parson signed at a gun shop in June of 2021, states that any gun law that violates a citizen’s Second Amendment rights, by Missouri’s standards, cannot be enforced, essentially invalidating federal authority to regulate guns.

Any public officer or state or local employee who enforces a federal gun law now faces a possible civil penalty of $50,000. During a press conference with police following the shooting, a reporter asked how easy it is to acquire a gun in Missouri. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Interim police chief Michael Sack told reporters “It’s very easy … the gun laws in Missouri are very broad. [People] can carry them openly down any street and there’s really nothing we can do,” he said. “If someone walks down a main street with a rifle, we’ve got no cause to go talk to them.”

Just days after the horrific incident, details came to light about how 19-year-old Orlando Harris, who graduated from the school the year before, acquired the AR-15 style rifle he used to kill 15-year-old Alexzandria Bell and 61-year-old Barbara Kuczka – and injure several others.

Police say Harris first tried to purchase a gun from a licensed dealer just weeks before the shooting, but was blocked after failing an FBI background check. He then turned to a private seller, who legally bought the gun in 2020.