California to keep paying Walgreens, despite Newsom’s threat

April 10, 2023

Gov. Gavin Newsom


California will continue paying money, likely billions of dollars, to the pharmacy chain Walgreens, despite Gov. Gavin Newsom announcing in a tweet last month that the state would no longer do business with the company. [Market Watch]

Last month, Walgreens indicated it would not distribute abortion pills in conservative states where doing so could possibly constitute breaking the law. On March 6, Newsom responded to the move in a tweet saying California would cut business ties with Walgreens.

“California won’t be doing business with Walgreens — or any company that cowers to the extremists and puts women’s lives at risk” Newsom stated in the tweet. “We’re done.”

The governor then ordered his administration not to renew a $54 million contract with Walgreens to provide prescription medication to California’s prison system. 

However, Walgreens has significant financial ties with California’s Medicaid program that the sate cannot sever easily. Federal law states Medicaid patients have the right to fill prescriptions from any willing and qualified provider, which includes Walgreens.

Last year, California’s Medicaid program paid Walgreens more than $1.5 billion. 

Tony Cava, the spokesman for the California Department of Health Care Services, said the state has no intention of taking any action that would violate federal Medicaid requirements or that could undermine medication access for low-income individuals. 

Anthony York, Newsom’s spokesman, said tweeting is not policy.

The Newsom administration also invited Walgreens to apply again in the future for the $54 million contract that California chose not to renew last month.

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It’s a shame that Newsom believes that the answer is abortion. How about morals and using birth control? Killing is wrong, end of story. Of course, what can we expect of a guy who won’t even marry his baby mama?! He should never have been given the privilege of taking on the governorship.

Typical Gavin Newsom. More than willing to punish poor people in his own state by denying Walgreens the ability to accept MediCal thus creating pharmacy deserts in poor neighborhoods where other pharmacies are closing or don’t exist at all due to rampant crime. He has already given his run for president top priority over any of the real problems California has. The sad thing is that 1/2 of you reading this article will probably still vote for him no matter what office he runs for.

Obviously , it doesn’t matter anymore, how many votes any candidate gets but who’s counting the votes. So I’d say he’s a shoo-in.

The real threat we the people have is having Newsome in office, ever day this guy dreams up new stuff to spring on the taxpayers of California.

Newsom is just not a serious man…. When will the people of California wake up?… how bad will the conditions in California have to get before people come to their senses…. You do not go after a company because they disagree with you… not here… maybe in China but not here…

“You do not go after a company because they disagree with you… not here… maybe in China but not here…” Where have you been? The FBI,IRS and Justice Dept. have now been weaponized against selected political opponents. Just like China.

You do not go after a company because they disagree with you…”

Like DeSantis (R) in Florida?

DeSantis also promised to double down on his efforts to punish Disney through methods both in the Legislature and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board.

DeSantis has now threatened to hike Disney’s hotel taxes and set up tolls on the roads around Walt Disney World Resort property.

Well what do you know! That favorite “no one is above the law” phrase works both ways. Newsom…..

Walgreens is in a difficult situation. It doesn’t want to break the law and it definitely doesn’t want to lose revenue. Guessing this is simply grandstanding by the governor. This sort of problem will continue to arise as long as some states want to take us back to the 1950’s when gay people consorted in the closet and pregnant 16-year olds grinned and bore the illegitimate child who, in many cases, was unwanted and would eventually turn to a life of crime. It is well documented that the U.S. crime rate began to plunge approximately 20 years after Roe v. Wade was made the law of the land.