San Jose Police union executive allegedly ran a drug ring

April 3, 2023

Joanne Marian Segovia


A 64-year-old San Jose Police union executive who allegedly ran a drug ring from her home and union office is facing up to 20 years in federal prison.

Joanne Marian Segovia allegedly participated in a scheme to illegally import synthetic opioids into the country and distribute them throughout the United States, according to a criminal complaint filed on March 27. Segovia is the executive director of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association.

Segovia used her personal and office computers to order thousands of opioid and other pills to her home and agreed to distribute the drugs elsewhere in the United States, according to the federal complaint.

From Oct. 2015 through Jan. 2023, Segovia had at least 61 shipments mailed to her home from countries including Hong Kong, Hungary, India and Singapore. Manifests listed the shipments as “wedding party favors,” “gift makeup,” or “chocolate and sweets.”

During the past three years, officials intercepted and opened five of these shipments containing thousands of pills.

Federal prosecutors also allege Segovia used encrypted WhatsApp communications to plan the logistics for receiving and sending her drug shipments. The messages discussed details for shipping and payment of pills and contained hundreds of pictures of tablets, shipping labels, packaging, payment receipts, and payment confirmations.

Apparently unfazed, Segovia continued to order controlled substances even after being interviewed by federal investigators in Feb. 2023, according to the complaint.

On March 13, federal agents seized a parcel addressed to Segovia in Kentucky, which contained fentanyl. The package allegedly originated from China on March 10, with a manifest that declared its contents as a “clock.”

Segovia is charged with attempt to unlawfully import fentanyl.

If convicted, Segovia faces a maximum statutory sentence of 20 years. In addition, as part of any sentence, the court may order the defendant to serve at least three years of supervised release and to pay a fine of up to $250,000.

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I would support a full investigation into connections between politicians and Drug Cartels… I believe its more prevalent than any of us know….

She was a union executive, not a police officer. Just a minor detail for all jumping with glee at the idea of ripping on the police. On a related note, should public employees even be allowed to unionize? Unions have long departed the period of their usefulness for protecting the safety and working conditions of their members and now just exist to line the pockets of a few at the expense of many.

I don’t think Public Employee Unions should exist, they don’t bargain with the people who pay their contracts, they bargain with politicians who get kickbacks to their campaigns. Every new contract should be put to a vote of the taxpayers.

It’s only a matter of reach, quantity, and scale in identifying the difference between police union executive Joanne Segovia and a Mexican Drug Cartel kingpin. Both are responsible for creating pain, suffering, sorrow, despair, chaos, ruin, violence and death. They both have blood on their hands.

I read that there is no jail time and no fine, just possibilities.

Ya I know, innocent until proven guilty.

“If convicted”. And even if, a sweet deal, no jail time, guaranteed.

So for 8 years none of her colleagues had any inkling of what she doing?, not hardly, the blue shield at its best.

Absolutely. Positively. Stunning. And we thought Adam Hill was bad.