Alleged SLO child molester arrested while crossing Mexican border

May 24, 2023

Pablo Reyna-Esparza


Authorities arrested a man entering the United States earlier this month who allegedly sexually abused four or more girls at an unlicensed daycare center that was being run out of his San Luis Obispo home. 

In May 2018, a girl told officers she had been sexually abused at the home of Pablo Reyna-Esparza in the 1200 block of Coral Street. At the time, a relative of Reyna-Esparza was using the home as an unlicensed daycare center, according to police.. 

The victim told investigators Reyna-Esparza, now 78, abused her in 2016, when she was 10 years old. 

During the initial investigation, detectives interviewed Reyna-Esparza, who denied the allegations. Shortly after the interview, Reyna-Esparza disappeared. Investigators believed he fled to Mexico. 

At the time, police did not have enough corroborating evidence to obtain a criminal filing against Reyna-Esparza.

In March 2022, two more female juveniles reported that Reyna-Esparza sexually abused them in 2016, when they were in daycare at the same home. Those victims were 5 and 10 years old at the time.

Later, detectives located another female juvenile, whom Reyna-Esparza also abused in 2016. That girl was 11 years old when the abuse occurred. 

After obtaining statements from the four victims, investigators asked the district attorney to file sexual abuse charges against Reyna-Esparza. A judge then issued felony arrest warrants for him.

Detectives attempted to determine whether Reyna-Esparza was still in Mexico or whether he had returned to San Luis Obispo.

But on May 8, Reyna-Esparza tried to cross the border from Mexico to California. Authorities arrested him for the outstanding criminal warrants and transported him to San Luis Obispo County. 

Reyna-Esparza is currently in SLO County Jail with his bail set at $12.6 million dollars. He is facing 22 felony counts of sexual abuse. 

Investigators believe there may be more victims. Police request that anyone who has additional information about the case contact Detective Caleb McCornack at (805) 783-7757.

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This is one UGLY looking dude.

Think about the millions of illegals crossing our borders every year without being identified, how many are fleeing prosecution for similar crimes.

It’s time to secure our borders and only allow emigration by application.