Suspects beat and rob victims in Atascadero, arrested

May 19, 2023


Atascadero police arrested two men who beat and robbed a couple of people in front of Outlaws Bar and Grill on Wednesday.

Shortly before noon, the suspects approached two people sitting in a vehicle in front of the business. While pointing a gun at the victims, one suspect ordered both victims out of the vehicle.

One of the suspects punched a victim in the head. They reached into the victims’ pockets taking cash and a check.

The suspects then fled on foot.

Through their investigation, officers identified Sebastian Yciano, 23, of Paso Robles, and Elmer Quiterio, 29, of Atascadero as suspects
in the robbery.

After surveilling a suspect’s residence on Castano Avenue, officers attempted to stop a vehicle leaving the residence on Friday morning with multiple people inside. However, the vehicle sped away with officers in pursuit.

During the car chase, someone threw a gun out of a window, which officers recovered.

While driving southbound on Highway 101, Yciano got out of the vehicle and ran. Officers quickly arrested Yciano.

The pursuit continued into San Luis Obispo and ended when the car stopped near the intersection of Johnson Avenue and Laurel Lane. The three remaining occupants fled on foot.

Officers apprehended and arrested Quiterio in San Luis Opispo. Two women were contacted and released. Officers also located a backpack containing another firearm.

Officers booked Yciano and Quiterio in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of robbery, making criminal threats, fleeing a peace officer and multiple other charges.

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Quiterio was arrested back in 2016 for robbing Wayside Liquor at gunpoint:

In front of the Outlaws Bar… Seems like the police should have seen this one coming, it’s a little on the nose.

Why the down votes? I am a huge supporter of our law enforcement and it is also ok to ask questions about their tactics. I am just wondering if 16-20 ish officers were really needed. Maybe so. If you disagree, please share why. It is an honest question

I was at a the stop light of Johnson and California when that car came upon me at a very fast rate of speed. At the last moment it swerved into the oncoming lane, fortunately no cars were there.

Immediately after a police vehicle came with sirens and lights fashing. Then a couple more. Then more and more.

I wonder if the police force in the chase was necessary, especially because of the traffic that all of those police vehicles had to go through at such a high speed.

Just a thought

By police force I meant the close to ten law enforcement vehicles. Seemed a bit over the top

“Close to ten law enforcement vehicles” is not out of line for this type of incident passing through multiple jurisdictions, the APD vehicles plus CHP, SLOPD and maybe the SLO County Sheriff’s as well.

That makes a lot of sense, thank you

Yes, it was necessary. The job of the police is to get these animals (no offense to my cat) off the streets.

I always hate when that happens while I loiter in my car outside of a poker room.

I was at the Old Cayucos Tavern and Card Room a couple decades ago when there was an armed security guard in the card room and another outside the door. I asked the bartender “What’s up?” He told me there was a quarter million in cash being wagered.