Police arrest felon with multiple weapons in Paso Robles

June 14, 2023


Paso Robles police arrested a felon in possession of multiple weapons, a stab resistant vest, a back ski mask, a scanner on the police channel and duck tape early Wednesday morning.

Shortly before 2 a.m., a citizen at the Golden Hill Mobil gas station flagged down a police officer and reported a suspicious person at the station. The officer pulled over the suspicious person’s vehicle as it left the gas station.

The officer discovered the driver, 38-year-old Carlos Davis of Santa Barbara County, had a fixed blade knife concealed in his

The officer then searched Davis’ vehicle and found ammunition, pepper spray, a stab resistant vest, a stun gun, a replica Glock handgun, a scanner, a black ski mask, and duct tape.

The office booked Davis in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of carrying a dagger, unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawful possession of tear gas and for being felon in possession of a gun. He remains in jail with his bail set at $20,000.

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Looks like this guy was ready to rob a gas station but had second thoughts due to an alert citizen. Classic crime prevention.

An replica Glock is not a Glock. Possession of bear spray is legal. Possession of body armor is legal. Concealed knives under 3 inches are legal. Possession of a scanner is legal.

Paso PD should be embarrassed they brought this guy in; the only charge that is actionable by the DA is a felon in possession of ammunition. Even that is questionable, as the Supreme Court is currently reviewing these unconstitutional restrictions regarding felons.

This guy has had weapons charges multiple times before. He’s a convicted felon.

In California it is illegal for a felon to carry daggers in public or in a vehicle. It is also illegal for a felon to posses body armor. It is also illegal for a felon to purchase, own or carry pepper spray. It is also illegal for a felon to possess a stun gun.

Felons often use replica guns when committing robberies because they know using the real thing will lead to an enhancement when they are caught. Smell the coffee, friend. This guy belongs in jail. For a long time out.

The PD should be embarrassed by their response to the downtown shooter last year, but not this.

This time though they proactively protected and served. Good on them.

Good gun laws protect us all. I don’t mind one bit limiting a felons 2nd Amendment right. You don’t mind a bit that a felon has all the tools necessary to commit an armed robbery in Paso. Nope your concern us government overreach and not your neighbors safety.

Felons have lost their rights as a result of criminal acts and may have them restored after demonstrating a willingness to become a productive member of society. Obviously, this suspect has not, therefor he does not enjoy the freedoms guaranteed to legal citizens and should not. I consider it part of the sentence.

Oh MY, $20,000 bail……. almost a get out of jail free pass. Get real!