Medi-Cal warns Central Coast residents they could lose coverage

July 25, 2023


Thousands of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County residents could lose their Medi-Cal coverage this year because of a paperwork requirement.

In 2020, because of COVID, the federal government enacted a policy that ensured people on Medi-Cal could not lose their coverage. That policy ended in 2023.

For the first time in three years, Medi-Cal recipients are required to fill out an annual questionnaire to determine their eligibility. However, many Medi-Cal recipients moved or are unaware of the requirement.

In June, Medi-Cal canceled coverage for 225,000 California residents. Of those, 90% had failed to fill out the questionnaire. Those who lost coverage have 90 days to re-enroll.

Medi-Cal recipients can update their information on the California Department of Health Care Services website or at 

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Better put more chairs in the emergency rooms….

How dare the government require someone who receives a taxpayer funded benefit to fill out a questionnaire or have any requirements to continue receiving it.

This is another reason to be stay healthy and don’t be a victim to medicine.

Something sounds fishy. With a 90% non-response rate, one has to wonder how much effort was made by Medi-Cal to notify the recipients of the requirement and the amount of time they had to respond.