SLO High School’s former athletic director accused of sexual misconduct, on leave

July 8, 2023


San Luis Obispo High School’s head basketball coach and former athletic director, who also is a history teacher, was suspended from his duties and placed on administrative leave earlier this year amid allegations of sexual misconduct regarding a student and a trainer, sources said.

At 39 years old, varsity basketball coach Jeff Brandow led the Tigers to this year’s league championship. He was then named league Coach of the Year.

Brandow, however, did not attend SLO High School’s Athletic Winter Banquet on March 20, sources said. In late March, he was allegedly suspended from teaching, coaching and campus events amid an investigation.

Jeff Brandow

San Luis Coastal Unified School District Director of Human Resources Dan Block confirmed that Brandow is on administrative leave and that no criminal charges have been filed, though he would not provide further information.

The allegations against Brandow include sexual misconduct with a female SLO High School senior, as well as with a female trainer hired to work with the basketball team, campus sources said. It is alleged Brandow told the trainer she would not get her stipend unless she agreed to go on a date with him.

This is not the first time Brandow has been accused of making unwanted sexual advances. In 2018, a then-KSBY sports director filed for a restraining order against Brandow, who she said had become obsessed with her.

Over a period of two months, the KSBY reporter said Brandow called her 50 to 100 times a day, left violent voice messages calling her names, showed up at her home, sent emails to her work and personal accounts and constantly harassed her, according to court records.

In one of the letters she provided the court, Brandow offers the KSBY reporter $1,000 to talk to him, $10,000 to go on one to two dates and $20,000 for “all in.” Brandow included a $10,000 check he wrote from an account he shares with his wife.

“Don’t you want an intense lover who will do anything for you???” Brandow wrote in a letter.

On Aug. 22, 2018, the court granted the KSBY reporter’s restraining order request.

When contacted by CalCoastNews, Brandow skirted questions before hanging up.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Brandow said. “You have the wrong number.”

If you have further information about Jeff Brandow or these incidents please contact reporter Karen Velie at (805) 234-1703.

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This guy was a known creepster in the high school. Many other SLO high girls have stories.

Don’t worry, thanks to the Teachers Union, this fine upstanding teacher will just move on to another district and resume he work with this issue hidden under “Its a personal issue”

He’ll never work in the public schools again. His personnel file will follow him and when other districts see this information, he will be excluded.

Of course, a private school like Mission Prep or St. Joseph might put up with him because he’s apparently a winning coach.

Jessica Vo was the first female sports director at KSBY, and she was replaced with a man. She left KSBY and media shortly after this occurred. I believe it is more likely she told KSBY and they did not assist her. It is also likely the school district knew, but let it go because Jeff Brandow is a winning coach. I wonder how many teens and women suffered from this man’s appetites afterwards?

Incidents like this apparent sexual misconduct are all too common in the San Luis Coastal School District, and the collective incidents speak to a lack of institutional control.

At some point, district leaders like school superintendent Eric Prater need to be held accountable, this is his district, he hired these people, and we pay him handsomely to competently manage this public agency. For those who prefer to let the MANY incidents of sexual misconduct in the SLO Coastal School District run like water off a ducks back, understand that Dr. Eric Prater has embraced winning at all costs in the HS district, and now taxpayers are funding multi-million dollar payouts to the victims of these sexual crimes.

What you tolerate you promote, and Dr. Eric Prater has created an unhealthy climate for his employees, our schoolchildren and all who encounter the SLO Coastal district. Leaders need to be held to a high standard, and we must not get caught up in the wrongheaded thinking that these are single incidents, this is a pattern of behavior and must be confronted.

Dr. Eric Prater must go, our community deserves better.

Wow. Wait until you hear about the open secret that been going on in Atascadero the last couple of decades.

Jarvis, what is the open secret in Atascadero? Moved out here about a year ago would like to know.

Paid administrative leave for sure.

This is so f**ked up on so many levels.

Jessica Vo is a NEWSperson, employed by a NEWS department. She has the messages from the pervert and she stays quiet? She doesn’t hand all this over to Richard Gearhart and have KSBY investigate? WTF?

SLO Coastal doesn’t seem to be any less angelic. They’re trying to hush everything up. Did they not know about the Vo deposition from 5 years ago??? They have evidence that their AD offered a woman $20,000 to sleep with him and they did nothing????

Someone has some explaining to do, but once again, deeply thankful for Velie and CCN. The truth comes out.

After his behavior towards Jessica Vo, how was he even still involved with anyone under 18, let alone at a local high school??? How ridiculous!!