Woman caught passing another counterfeit $100 bill at SLO business

July 13, 2023


A woman, for whom San Luis Obispo police officers are searching, has allegedly used counterfeit $100 bills to make purchases at two downtown SLO businesses. 

Earlier this week, the San Luis Obispo Police Department said it was searching for a man and woman suspected of using a counterfeit $100 bill to pay for food at Bliss Cafe on July 5. The police department released surveillance images of the man and woman inside the restaurant. 

Since then, another business determined that a customer made a purchase on July 5 using a counterfeit $100 bill. The business owner provided a photo showing the suspect is the woman who allegedly used counterfeit money in Bliss Cafe, according to police. Both Bliss Cafe and the second business are located in the 700 block of Higuera Street. 

Investigators ask that anyone who can identify the counterfeiting suspect call CSO Kauth at (805) 594-8067.

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Michael A. there is 20 minutes of perfect HD footage on 8 cameras showing her face and his face with clear audio as well. The police posted this picture because you can see the bill clearly. Yes, missed using the pen :(

Thank you for that, but what good is seeing a fake bill and not the face of the perp?

Also, businesses have got to get better with camera placement! This photo would be almost completely useless if were not for the other photos from the Bliss Cafe! Cameras must be placed so that FACES are easily identifiable. So frustrating.

Somewhat surprising that in today’s environment, businesses are NOT using basic counterfeit detection methods when presented with $100 bills. There are pens, that with a stroke can tell immediately if a bill is a phony.