SLO police warning residents about trailhead smash-and-grabs

August 15, 2023


Following a couple recent smash-and-grabs, the San Luis Obispo Police Department is warning hikers against leaving valuables in their car when parking at local trailheads. 

Over the last week, thieves smashed two vehicle windows at the Highland Drive Bishop Peak trailhead in SLO. The thieves stole purses, laptops and wallets, police said.

“Help keep your property secure,” the police department stated in a social media post. “Leave your stuff at home.”

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I used to live on Maui. Tourist rental cars were always broken in to while they were on the beaches. Locals knew not to leave valuables in their cars…we also drove “island cruisers” and no one wanted to mess w/a locals’ car! (Or end up in the cane fields)

There needs to be a serious discussion about consequences. Until then, we will ALL have our opportunity to become a victim. Insurance companies base their rates on the actuaries, nothing political about that. If it burns your home insurance goes up, if it’s vulnerable your liability insurance goes up and if regularly gets damaged, again we ALL pay.

Our welcoming city welcomes hiking tourists.

With proper surveillance and some patience, it would be really easy to catch the thieves in the act at most trailheads.

Been a problem for several years at Bishop, Johnson, Cayucos dog beach and at Orcutt hills. Happy that LE is finally noticing. Maybe a few cameras placed high up on telephone poles can help, but not even sure that would change things. Maybe simple signage indicating the areas are under observation would help.

Sad that we have to resort to Big Brother bullshit to keep the miscreants from ruining it for all of us. I guess that since our most powerful individuals are able to get away with blatant crimes, many have been emboldened.

Yeah, it really is a sad state that our society is in now. I would argue that it is the powerful people, the people in charge, who have been soft on crime and punishment that is creating this atmosphere. Witnessed the recent, smash and grab at a large Nordstrom’s department store in Southern California a few days ago. Very organized, and likely there will be no repercussions to those, who did the deed. The state legislature needs to reinstate the limit on what is grand theft. And, we need prosecutors and law-enforcement to throw the book at people and lock them up. There must be consequences for illegal and criminal behavior.

It wasn’t that long ago when this would have never happened in SLO…. change up your vote if things aren’t working…

This is what happens when our so called leaders treat criminals like victims. Real consequences for criminals will start to address these type of problems.

You hit the nail on the head…