Thieves steal wallet in SLO grocery store, go on Home Depot shopping spree

August 11, 2023


A pair of thieves stole a customer’s wallet inside Ralphs in San Luis Obispo on Thursday, then proceeded to spend more than $2,000 of the victim’s money at Home Depot, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

The man and woman allegedly used a debit card belonging to the person whose wallet they stole in order to make the purchases at Home Depot. The SLO Police Department is circulating surveillance images of the man inside Ralphs and of both suspects inside Home Depot. 

Police are asking the public for help with identifying the thieves. Investigators request that anyone who recognizes the suspects call Officers Parsons at (805) 594-8072.

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Carrying your social security card in your wallet is a wide-open invitation for Identity Theft. Secure your social security card by keeping it locked up at home.

You hear about the new security chips put in c-cards for security but the old security of looking at card and asking for ID to match them has gone by by as everyone to busy. You steal a card now like they did you get free money

If merchants and banks really wanted to reduce this type of theft they would require more verification to prevent using stolen cards, but since the merchant still gets the money for the sale and the banks have insurance, which their customers pay for they are not out any money, they have little incentive to prevent this type of crime. Plus with criminals knowing little chance to get caught and even if caught little chance of any real consequences for their crimes they have little concern.

If it was a DEBIT card then the victim may be on the hook.

If it was a DEBIT card how did the thieves get the PIN number?

It makes sense any purchase over a certain amount, say $1000, requires picture ID matching the form of payment.

It could be a debit card that has the Visa logo. You don’t need a PIN if you run it as credit although it still comes straight out of your account.

Well, at least fresh cherry prices have come down a little…

I see women leaving their purses OPEN in their shopping carts all the time. I want to say something then again I don’t want to be rude either. All it takes is one slight distraction caused by a co-conspirator and the other conspirator silently takes the wallet and they both leave.

Having my purse stolen a few years ago, you feel so violated. I am very sorry for the person this happened to.

I worry about that and have begun the habit of using the child safety belt to keep my purse a bit safer.

I keep my purse locked in the trunk. All I need in the store is my debit/credit card in one pocket, and my shopping list in another pocket.