Police arrest homeless man for vandalizing SLO business, making threats

September 2, 2023

Joseph Anthony Quinn


San Luis Obispo police officers arrested a homeless man on Friday who allegedly vandalized a downtown SLO business this week and threatened to kill its employees. 

At approximately 7:14 a.m. on Wednesday, a 911 caller reported a disturbance at a business in the 1100 block of Garden Street. The caller said a man inside the business was threatening to kill the employees and had pushed over large glass display cabinets, according to police.

The man left the business on foot, after which employees locked all the doors until officers arrived. The employees did not suffer any injuries.

Officers flooded the area but failed to locate the suspect. Upon further investigation, police identified the suspect as Joseph Anthony Quinn, 54.

At about 9:30 a.m. on Friday, officers located Quinn near the intersection of Osos and Palm streets. Officers arrested Quinn without incident and booked him in SLO County Jail on felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and criminal threats.

Quinn currently remains in custody with his bail set at $50,000.

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If anyone ever asks what the phrase “Okay Boomer!” means, all you have to do is point them to the comment section on any CCN story.

Reading all these whiny comments about how this guy is going to eventually be let out of jail inspires nothing but that uneasy sense of being embarrassed for someone. Yeah, his behavior is beyond out of bounds and is definitely criminal, but good god, reading you guys hand out life sentences for what amounts to a Karen like temper tantrum is just pathetic

Until it’s your property he destroys and your workers who quit because they no longer feel safe, your customers who no longer go downtown, and your livelihood he ruins.

You weren’t here that time someone stealing a catalytic converter got crushed to death by the car. The commenters here were leaping with joy at the *death* of someone. Sure this guy was a criminal, and he put himself in that situation, but it’s very vindictive and poisonous to the soul to be happy about the death of a common criminal.

Involuntary rehab won’t work because the homeless CHOOSE the homeless lifestyle. Rehab only works when the perp admits that he needs rehab.

Funny how the so-called homeless always have money for cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

There was an interesting post on cesspool slo reddit about the homeless guy who is in front of Vons not being there for a few days and people were really worried about him that he had been moved along by the police. They appear to want homeless people sitting around drinking all day. The guy drinks literally 12 hours a day in the open, never seems to get in trouble, if it was a Cal Poly kid, or a SLO local with money, they would be ticketed.

Apparently, Vons guy has plenty of money to buy alcohol, but doesn’t work.. where does it come from? Why is this happening? (oh, and he’s back, so not to worry).

City of SLO keeps accommodating the homeless. Incidents like this will continue. It’s a FEED THE BIRDS, JUST DON’T LOOK UP mentality. As long as we don’t get it in the face we’ll be okay…

He will be convicted. He will also be subsequently released and back in the saddle downtown.

You’re shocked he will eventually be released? I don’t have to defend his behavior to say there’s no crime described here that deserves a life sentence.

Yes, good idea. Let’s not forget also about the old Paso Youth Authority campus by the airport. I support adaptive reuse of government property for the overall benefit of society.

The Youth Authority property has already been sold to developers. Reagan closed the low security mental hospitals to “save money” with the agreement of Democrats who did not think anyone should be held in the absence of a criminal conviction. I think you will find that “overall benefit of society” is quite debatable.

I think you will find that those who support those policies and “Reaganomics” in general will be completely unwilling to take any responsibility for the results of those policies. Not only regarding the mentally challenged, but with those who suffer from the “top down” approach to being trickled on their whole lives. That has to be blamed elsewhere and those affected made to disappear.

The ACLU lawsuits are what forced the closure of low security mental hospitals.

Well, that’s one way of becoming un-homeless.


Convenient method for obtaining 3 meals and a cot to sleep on.

“Officers flooded the area but failed to locate the suspect. Upon further investigation, police identified the suspect as Joseph Anthony Quinn, 54”, interesting that even though they did not locate the suspect they easily knew who he was and his age, likely a serial offender in the area, attack, arrest, release, repeat………

So now I have to pay $4/hr to park downtown so I can be confronted by wack jobs like this guy? No thanks!

With a paucity of on-street Disabled Parking spaces, Slo-Town demonstrates how it cares more for the homeless than the mobility-impaired people who have to slep 2-4 blocks from a multi-story parking garage to a business that they need to patronize.

On one hand 2 blocks isn’t that far, and you could just as easily blame street parkers who don’t have mobility issues from taking up those spots that are almost never available (forcing most people to slep several blocks). On the other hand you’re right we don’t do enough. I would be in favor of limiting all street parking on Higuera to disability only as well as drop off and pick up spots. It will make the downtown more wheelchair and pedestrian accessible.

Actually you don’t have to, because he’s in jail.

Excellent idea, a danger to others and themselves.