Parents of Kyle Doan allege wrongful death, file suit

October 8, 2023

Missing 5-year-old Kyle Doan


Nearly nine months after floodwaters swept away 5-year-old Kyle Doan of San Miguel, his parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against multiple local agencies on Thursday. [KSBY]

The suit accuses San Luis Obispo County, Paso Robles and Caltrans of negligence, dangerous conditions of public property, failure to warn and of issues with actions following Kyle’s disappearance. Since Kyle Doan went missing, personnel from state and local agencies have conducted searches for the boy, but have failed to locate him.

On the morning of Jan. 9, Lindsy Doan attempted to drive through the San Marcos Creek bed outside of San Miguel with her son, Kyle Doan, inside her SUV, a route she regularly took.

But that morning, the storm waters crossing the rural roadway lifted her SUV and carried it into the swollen stream. Water began to fill the vehicle, and Lindsy Doan yelled at her son to come up to the front of the SUV. Lindsy Doan tried to grab her son’s hand, but the current pulled him away.

Kyle Doan floated away backward. His mother could see his face, and he looked at her before being swept away.

In addition, Kyle Doan’s family has spearheaded efforts to search the Salinas River area in North County. Hundreds of people have helped them search for the missing boy.


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It is cheaper to settle than litigate. I got into a car accident on a Forest Service road with some idiot driving way too fast. My insurance company agreed to 25% my fault, $1,100, I was enraged, it was 0% my fault. They told me this is their business and they made the deal. They did not raise my rate.

What does the City of El Paso de Robles and CalTrans have to do with this? As to the County of SLO, I believe the concrete creek crossing was adequately maintained, it’s been a while but I used to drive it for work. Don’t drive into water, period. Shotgun lawsuit.

How many times in the last ten years have we heard 1st responders say do not drive through standing water during a storm?… you can’t make me believe the mother never heard this warning…

Been beaten into my head for about 6 decades but never faced with making the critical decision. Depending on the depth and flow, maybe with my Dodge D350 dually, yes, my Honda Civic, no.

This mother is opening herself up for some grueling questioning when she’s asked why she thought she should enter that swollen stream with her most precious cargo.

10″ in 24 hours. Teaching/school not an essential function.

A tale of increasingly bad decisions.