California schools to teach students to spot fake news

November 11, 2023



California schools will next year begin teaching students media literacy in an attempt to combat the spread of misinformation.

Last month, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill 873. The law requires that, starting Jan. 1, 2024, all K-12 students learn media literacy skills, including recognizing fake news and thinking critically about what they see on the internet. 

Educators will weave the material into existing classes and lessons throughout the school year, as opposed to forming standalone media literacy courses.

The new law does not include funding to train teachers, an advisory committee, input from librarians, surveys or a way to monitor the law’s effectiveness — all suggestions that came from the nonprofit organization Media Literacy Now.

Assemblyman Marc Berman (D—Palo Alto), who authored AB 873, said those features can be implemented later. Keeping the legislation simple was key to getting it passed and implemented quickly, Berman said.

Berman authored AB 873 amid rising distrust in news media, particularly among young people. A 2022 Pew Research Center survey found that adults under the age of 30 are nearly as likely to believe information they find on social media as they are to believe information reported by national news outlets. 

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Great idea in concept. But reality will be, and Newsome and the Dem’s know this, the hard left liberal school teachers now will have a green light to teach any conservative media is fake news. Guaranteed.

teachers now will have a green light to teach any conservative media is fake news”

Good, f around and find out.


Every graduating high school student, public, private or home school, should have to pass a civics test at least as difficult as the US citizenship exam.

Just my opinion

And what would you propose the government do to citizens who do not pass the test? I am concerned this would take away freedoms from Americans.

They would receive remedial, free education and an opportunity for a retest. If they gained a second time they would have to wait 6 months before taking again. Moreover, a study handbook much like the DMV driver handbook, would be made available for them. In any event, if you did not pass, you would not get your high school diploma.

What if they refused?

What if you were given the test and you failed it multiple times? What do you propose the government do to you?

What do you propose the government do to citizens who continually fail the test or refuse to take it?

No pass, no diploma. Or, no pass, no Ca DL

In any event, why would you object to a basic civics and history curriculum stressed in Jr. High School and Senior High School? Please be specific, what is your objection?