Recall of SLO County Supervisor Gibson cancelled, though not over

November 16, 2023

SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson


San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder Elaina Cano on Tuesday canceled the recall Supervisor Bruce Gibson petition after the filers missed a deadline. The Committee to Support the Recall of Supervisor Bruce Gibson plans to file a new petition and restart the recall process.

“We may lose a few battles, but we are going to win the war,” said John Whitworth, the committee’s spokesperson. “Just a bump in the road.”

On Oct. 31, the petitioners served Gibson at his home in Cayucos and then filed the petition with Cano’s office. On the same day, Gibson answered the petition, which gave the committee 10 days to publish the petition in a newspaper of general circulation. The committee missed the deadline by two days.

Moving forward, the committee will need to restart the process. After the petition is approved, the group will need to gather about 7,500 signatures. If successful, the recall for District 2 supervisor could be on the March ballot.

While the voters will then decide whether or not Gibson stays in office, they will not select his replacement.

In 2022, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that changed the way elected officials in California can be recalled. Before 2023, the recall election permitted voters to select a replacement. Based on Assembly Bill 2584, Gov. Newsom is now charged with appointing a District 2 supervisor if Gibson is recalled.

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Can anyone give one coherent, rational reason why Bruce Gibson should be recalled, rather than wait and see how he does upon running for reelection? Some people have suggested he has broken laws, and yet there does not seem to be enough evidence for even the most right wing prosecutor to bring charges. I’m calling BS on the whole recall, effort, which will ultimately fail and waste untold amounts of money, and time and escalate, division, and animosity in our community , of course.

Get rid of Gibson. It is worth the effort.

If nothing else, you’ve got to respect the tenacity of the Trump cult. Their devotion to their savior and messiah is absolute.

The sour grapes should not be taken seriously. I hope that if Gibson does get replaced, it’s by someone further to the left, just to stick it to the sore losers.

“Hey Curley, take this Recall paperwork to the SLO County Clerk, I got it all filled out properly”. “Soitenly! Moe” Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo!!!