Driver hits pedestrian on Madonna Road in SLO, video

February 23, 2024


A driver hit and seriously injured a pedestrian on Madonna Road in San Luis Obispo Thursday evening.

Shortly after 7 p.m., several 911 callers reported a vehicle struck a pedestrian walking outside of a crosswalk in the 200 block of Madonna Road near the Madonna Plaza Ralphs. Officers arrived at the scene and found a 37-year-old San Luis Obispo man in the roadway, police said.

San Luis Obispo Fire Department personnel provided emergency medical care.

An ambulance then transported the man to a local hospital. His condition is serious, but not life threatening.

The driver remained at the scene and could be seen speaking with officers. Police say the driver fully cooperated with the investigation into the crash. Investigators do not suspect the driver was impaired or distracted.

During the investigation, officers closed an eastbound section of Madonna Road and rerouted drivers into the plaza. 

The police department is seeking assistance from members of the public who might have information about the collision. Investigators ask that anyone who witnessed the collision call the department at (805) 781-7312.

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Its dangerous to jaywalk in dark clothing after dark. Not to mention an epidemic of narcissistic motorists who run stop signs at crosswalks with pedestrians still in the crosswalk.

And here we have an example of why we had jaywalking laws…but, now those aren’t enforced anymore like many other laws that used to provide some order to the world.

Jaywalking laws were recently repealed in California. There was no point in them as the laws that gave pedestrians right-of-way at any uncontrolled intersection have never been followed or enforced. I can’t count the road-rage incidents I have experienced from other drivers when obeying the law and yielding to pedestrians.