SLO police arrest alleged drug dealer for trespassing at business

March 6, 2024


San Luis Obispo police officers arrested an alleged drug dealer for trespassing at a downtown business on Wednesday morning.

Shortly after 11 a.m., dispatch sent patrol officers to the 1100 block of Higuera Street for a trespassing call. Officers arrived and found 61-year-old John Montgomery trespassing on the property of a private business, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Officers arrested Montgomery, a transient who resides in SLO, for trespassing. Police searched Montgomery’s property and found drugs and paraphernalia.

Authorities booked Montgomery in San Luis Obispo County Jail on the trespassing charge, as well as counts of possession of controlled substances for sale and possession of paraphernalia. Montgomery remains in custody with his bail set at $50,000, according to the SLO County Sheriff’s Office website. 


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Is this even illegal ?

Watch out for the crazies! IF the Homeless addicts can’t get their fixes, there might be an increase in crazy outbursts?

But it is Wonderful to see Meth NOT make it to the Streets! Great Job SLO PD!

Seems he should know better at his age….shameful.

Transient is an appropriate term. He’s just passing through, dealing to his SLO homeless customers. Probably heading back to Oregon for some re-supplies before new law reverts back to old law.

Now that’s a committed drug dealer. Living with his customers to be available at all hours so they can get high.

You said drug dealer living with his clients? Easy access?

Trump’s ex-doctor demoted by Navy for inappropriate behavior in White House

“Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), the former White House physician, was demoted by the U.S. Navy following an inspector general’s report that found he acted inappropriately while serving under then-president Donald Trump.

The Navy demoted the two-term congressman from a retired admiral to captain, which carries serious financial implications and a social stigma among military circles, after the Pentagon inspector general faulted him for creating a hostile work environment and drinking and taking drugs while on duty as the president’s doctor, reported the Washington Post.

They found that he berated subordinates, “made sexual and denigrating statements” toward a woman who served under him, and took the sleep drug Ambien and drank alcohol with subordinates while on duty.”

And this has what to do with the article?

AH Man! And I thought you were going to bring up all that COCAINE found last year in the white house!!

Look! Over there! Squirrel!!!

As I’m reading this in my downtown office, a woman is passing by, screaming at demons at the top of her lungs. Sad and frustrating.

Illegal drugs might be why the perp is homeless.