Daily Briefs

Maldonado pays off $100,000 tax lien

Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado’s family business in Santa Maria paid $111,146 in back taxes Monday, following press reports of tax liens against the Central Coast Republican who is running for re-election. [LA Times] Maldonado’s campaign manager released a copy of... (Continue reading)

Cong. Kevin McCarthy tagged “Instant GOP Star”

Cong. Kevin McCarthy, whose district includes much of San Luis Obispo County, continues to enjoy a high media profile in Washington, D.C. The conservative Republican was just tagged an “Instant GOP Star” and made the list of “50 Politicians to... (Continue reading)

San Francisco considers banning pet sales

City officials are currently considering a proposal that would ban the sale of almost all pets in San Francisco. [LA Times] In the beginning, the regulation was meant to apply only to cats and dogs, as a means of discouraging... (Continue reading)

California law helps whooping cough spread

The recent rash in cases of whooping cough in California underscores some legal loopholes that experts say are helping the disease to spread. [California Watch] California is currently one of eleven states that do not require school children to get... (Continue reading)

IRS files lien against Maldonado for $100,000

The Internal Revenue Service filed a lien against property owned by Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado and his family earlier this year, claiming the Santa Maria Republican owes the federal government more than $100,000 in taxes. [LA Times] It is the... (Continue reading)

Oxnard considers becoming “Oxnard Shores”

Grover City became Grover Beach a few years back and the tourists responded. Now Oxnard is officially considering a name change to . . . Oxnard Shores. [Pacific Coast Business Times] The Oxnard Convention and Business Bureau hired an outside... (Continue reading)

Media asks: Where’s Sam Blakeslee?

The League of Women Voters is scheduled to host a debate Monday night at Cuesta College. All four candidates in the special state Senate election have been invited to participate. So far, only three are confirmed: Democrat John Laird, Independent... (Continue reading)

How did your favorite local radio station do?

The new ratings for Central Coast radio stations were announced this week and two local stations slugged it out for the top spot in overall listenership. [StationRatings.com] County favorite KKJG (“The Jug”) was in first place once again, but found... (Continue reading)

Unemployment benefits to continue through November

The California Employment Development Department announced Thursday that it would immediately begin processing retroactive benefits for more than 400,000 residents, following President Obama’s signing of an unemployment benefits extension bill. [Los Angeles Times] The House voted 272 to 152 early... (Continue reading)

County whooping cough cases second highest in state

With 258 cases of whooping cough, San Luis Obispo County is ranked in the top two for the number of pertussis cases in the state, according to the California Department of Public Health. Six infants have died in California of... (Continue reading)