Daily Briefs

McCarthy drops by White House for private lunch

House Majority Whip and Republican congressman Kevin McCarthy has a special lunch date Wednesday. He’ll be eating in the private dining room of the White House with President Obama and Vice-President Biden. [LA Times] McCarthy, whose congressional district includes parts... (Continue reading)

Weather forecast for Tuesday February 8

By JOHN LINDSEY from PG&E SEA SWELL: Strong to gale force northwesterly winds along the entire coastline of California will contiue to produce an 8 to 10-foot northwesterly (310-degree deep-water) sea and swell (with a 6 to 14-second period) along... (Continue reading)

2 critically injured in plane crash

Two men from San Luis Obispo County were critically injured when their twin-engine plane crashed near the San Bernardino Airport on Monday. [LATimes] The victims, Lonny Rollins, 39, of San Luis Obispo and Greg Fitzgerald, 61, of Paso Robles were... (Continue reading)

Autism triples among children in California

The number of children with autism in California has tripled since 2002 according to new state education figures released in February. [California Watch] More than 680,000 students – 11 percent of all California public school students – are enrolled in... (Continue reading)

Birds 1, Cockfighters 0

A Central Coast man died after being stabbed in the leg at a cockfight by a bird that had a knife attached to its own limb. [AP] Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, of Lamont, was declared dead at a hospital about... (Continue reading)

Did Gearhart ‘own’ officials?

During his heyday, notorious land developer Kelly Gearhart “seemed to own” some of Atascadero’s city council members, says former mayor Mike Brennler in KCCN.tv’s newest installment of its ongoing series, “A County Corrupted: Part 2.” Brennler continues to be rebuffed... (Continue reading)

Dystiny Myers was beaten, hogtied and suffocated

Gruesome details about the murder of a Santa Maria teen Dystiny Myers were revealed today during a preliminary hearing for five suspects accused of killing the 15-year-old. [KEYT] Firefighters found the badly burned body of Myers in a shallow grave... (Continue reading)

Weather forecast for Monday February 7

Inland Temperatures, Paso Robles Actual Predicted Sun Mon ... (Continue reading)

Riding that vacation pay gravy train

Interesting figures recently released showing public employees cashing in big on vacation pay and other benefits. [San Francisco Chronicle] Case in point: San Francisco. Former Police Chief Heather Fong – who retired in 2009 – received a grand total of... (Continue reading)

AOL buys Huffington Post for $300 million

Wall Street and Internet users are waiting for the news, expected Monday morning that AOL will buy the liberal news web site The Huffington Post for an estimated $315 million. [NY Times] The high-profile deal, apparently sealed over the weekend... (Continue reading)