Atascadero group providing free Thanksgiving dinners

ANNOUNCEMENT by HOMEWARD BOUND A fabulous complimentary Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings is being brought to the city of Atascadero and surrounding communities on Thanksgiving Day. Seating will be from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. at the AARP building in... (Continue reading)

Movie review: Skyfall

By MIRANDA FORESMAN I have a soft spot for 007, and I always have. Like many women, when I was younger, Sean Connery as James Bond was the ideal man, shaken, not stirred. And the accent. That’s not a voice... (Continue reading)

Coffee and life

By GARY E. FORESMAM MD In a recent New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) article, many questions about coffee consumption and mortality were answered. As you know from my article, the complex “herbal” preparation known as coffee has a potent... (Continue reading)

Movie review: Cloud Atlas

By MIRANDA FORESMAN I don’t suggest seeing Cloud Atlas unless you are in a particularly open-minded state and willing to be confused. For three hours. The collaboration between the directors (the Wachowskis of Matrix fame and Tom Tykwer, known for... (Continue reading)

Ian Anderson on display at the Chumash

By COLIN JONES OK, I’m just going to say what every classic/prog rock fan already knows: Ian Anderson is an artistic animal, a bombastic bad ass. That’s not easy to pull off when the flute is your main instrument. And... (Continue reading)

What is a GMO?

By GARY FORESMAN, MD The GMO controversy can only be understood from a systems approach, and a few definitions are needed so we can all understand what we are talking about. Genomics is simply the study of all chromosomal contents... (Continue reading)

Movie review: Argo

By MIRANDA FORESMAN My Entertainment Weekly told me about Oscar whispers for Argo back in the summer. Even though, by nature, I am not typically a fan of political or historical movies, I’ve been keeping an eye out. As the... (Continue reading)

Your journey to health and healing

EDITORS NOTE: Gary E Foresman MD will be providing a bi-weekly column answering your health and holistic healing questions. By Gary E Foresman MD So often I am asked “What is Middle Path Medicine?” Questions usually follow, inquiring why my... (Continue reading)

Movie review: Looper

By MIRANDA FORESMAN I love a good mind trip. More than that, though, I really love a Bruce Willis flick. Count me in, it matters not volume of bloodshed or the lack of plot. The man does what he does... (Continue reading)

Wallace Group, cartoon

Check out cartoonist Joseph Rankin’s work at the Kranky Cartoonist.  ... (Continue reading)