SLO City’s latest illogical planning proposal

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT Every so often, it’s fun to pop over to slocity.org, our fair city’s official spokes-site, to check out “What’s New In SLO,” our San Luis Obispo’s official news headline service. This week, “Roundabouts are the City’s... (Continue reading)

Civility, transparency, or hypocrisy?

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE San Luis Obispo’s city government has to feel that it’s under siege these days. Recent revelations by CCN about the city’s police chief losing her firearm, her day-long scramble to find it, breaking into a... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo remains silent on new electric providers

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT With the calendar running downhill to year’s end, the city of San Luis Obispo still hasn’t told us much about our New Year’s change of electricity providers, which they claim is a “choice” we made, despite... (Continue reading)

Mayor Heidi Harmon’s comments are racist and sexist

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE In reiterating her comment that public art in San Luis Obispo should not include “monuments to old white men”, Mayor Heidi Harmon has completed a trifecta of identity politics invectives: in one sentence she made... (Continue reading)

SLO police chief has committed a crime and should be terminated

OPINION by KEVIN RICE The San Luis Obispo City Manager’s attempt to write the “rest of the story,” seal it with a kiss, and close the book is a disingenuous sham. This criminal act is not cured with an apology... (Continue reading)

The state is taking our right to use the Oceano Dunes

OPINION by PETER KEITH Ok, you own an ‘off road’ recreational vehicle and you enjoy recreating on Oceano beach or the adjoining sand dunes. You don’t mind paying the standard few bucks to enter the official ‘off road’ area for... (Continue reading)

Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong requests privacy

OPINION by TOMMY GONG My wife, Sherry Gong, is being charged for some criminal actions. I was not aware of this matter until I received a call from an Atascadero Police Department detective recently, and I am not implicated in... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo should not be voting on downtown property tax

OPINION by WENDY SPRADLIN Downtown SLO, an organization that is funded by our business license fees, is spearheading an effort to have certain areas of our downtown deemed a PBID District — a Property Based Business Improvement District. Property owners... (Continue reading)

California’s attack on local governments

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE It’s amazing how few Californians realize that California’s State Legislature is declaring war on its cities and counties with punishing legislation that is currently pending hearings. Their excuse: the state’s housing crisis which the state... (Continue reading)

Time to run for SLO County judge

By STEW JENKINS An engaged, effective and resilient San Luis Obispo County Bar Association should make a version of this announcement for its member early in every odd numbered year. Superior court judges are elected at the primary; or in... (Continue reading)