California’s war against our neighborhoods

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE California’s neighborhoods and the cities that harbor them are under mounting attacks by its Legislature that’s determined to pass a spate of ill-conceived bills that will change our neighborhoods forever. If bills like SB 9,... (Continue reading)

Your SLO County neighborhood is in the state’s crosshairs

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE Your neighborhood has a target on its back and your state Legislature is taking direct aim at fundamentally changing it right now. Yet too few San Luis Obispo County residents are even aware of what... (Continue reading)

Morro Bay wind farm is the new bullet train to nowhere

OPINION by BARRY HANSOM News outlets breathlessly reported the great news that California and the feds will build a 399 square mile floating wind farm to generate electricity. The farm will be located 17 to 40 miles offshore west and... (Continue reading)

San Simeon needs an independent general manager

OPINION by MICHAEL DONAHUE It is time for the San Simeon Community Services District to have an independent general manager. The transformation of San Simeon to a normal district with an independent general manager that actively manages the budget and... (Continue reading)

San Simeon CSD versus Hearst, the games begin

OPINION by HENRY KRZCIUK San Simeon Community Services District General Manager Charles Grace and district legal counsel Jeff Minnery, with coaching from Chair Gwen Kellas, a prominent business owner in San Simeon and an unknown developer, are formally challenging Hearst’s... (Continue reading)

People held hostage in SLO were the victims, not the protesters

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN Regarding the Feb. 19 Tribune editorial, “Video shows irate driver hitting SLO protesters,” but is it the driver who’s the victim?” The Tribune’s editorial is about the events of last July when a group of Black... (Continue reading)

Stacy Korsgaden on the fallout from the rally in Washington DC

OPINION by STACY KORSGADEN In the early 90s, I shocked my mother by confiding that I had fallen in love with a woman named Jodi. Mom immediately declared that no one would like me or do business with me, and... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande’s Brisco Road project is ballooning in price

OPINION by JULIE TACKER The Arroyo Grande City Council will consider its next steps on the construction of the Brisco Road interchange on Tuesday, after determining the cost has jumped 25% in the past two years. The project has not... (Continue reading)

It’s time for San Luis Obispo officials to commit to slow growth

OPINION by ALLAN COOPER As I’m writing this, the San Luis Obispo City Council will be conducting a virtual community forum to help “shape cohesive priorities for San Luis Obispo’s future”. Though many of the permanent residents of SLO will... (Continue reading)

Is the SLO Tribune attempting to take advantage of a national tragedy?

Statement by the Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County The Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County joins with all people of goodwill, ordinary citizens and public officials alike, in deploring Wednesday’s U.S. Capitol attack, the break-in and destruction... (Continue reading)