Paso Robles school board election has consequences

By Ron Cuff Math proficiency levels at the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District, a “district of excellence,” are currently at 28.57%, more than 10% below California’s average and more than 20% below the national average. As with all government... (Continue reading)

SLO’s $50 million proposed parking garage boondoggle

OPINION by LESLIE HALLS Why would anyone even consider giving away/trading valuable city property and taking on another $50 million in bonded indebtedness to meet alleged future parking needs that the city’s own consultants see no need for? The council’s... (Continue reading)

Why I support Hollander for Paso Robles school board

OPINION by CHRIS AREND I originally endorsed Kenney Enney for the special election in April when he announced that he would run.  However, I now find that I must withdraw my endorsement. I now fully endorse Angela Hollander.  I met... (Continue reading)

Save our Paso Robles schools

OPINION by ALLEN DUCKWORTH The progressive left and teachers unions are using our schools to indoctrinate our children with their woke, socialist agenda. We need a few good men and women to ensure that our kids are trained to become... (Continue reading)

Assemblymember Addis’ bill spotlights failing disability system

OPINION by NICOLE DORFMAN I want to thank Assemblymember Dawn Addis for introducing AB 1147 to address the “failing” developmental disability system in California. The bill calls for reforming the $13-billion system, and for providing increased accountability and transparency in... (Continue reading)

California’s growing challenge of dog overpopulation

OPINION by DAVE CONGALTON It’s tough to be a dog in California right now, especially if you’re unwanted, stashed away in a crowded cage with other unwanted dogs, hoping against hope to be adopted. Sadly, the odds are not in... (Continue reading)

Former Oceano CSD director dead at 64, she is remembered

Former Oceano Services District Director Mary Lucey died on Feb. 11. She was 64-years-old. Lucey and her 72-year-old wife Nancy MacNeil died within hours of each other. Opinion by ACT UP Los Angeles Oral History Project The ACT UP Los... (Continue reading)

Kudos to PG&E’s response to storm damage

OPINION by GEORGE SULLIVAN PG&E’s plan was to replace a storm damaged customer distribution pole plus the aged transmission line pole sitting atop my hill in rural Santa Margarita. Having worked in another utility for over a half century much... (Continue reading)

Unintended consequences of the national energy policy

OPINION by PAUL C. HERTEL On day one in office, our President Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline and set the tone for our national energy policy and his entire administration. The energy companies got the message. They knew that new... (Continue reading)

We are the parents

OPINION by SARA SEMMES Even as a homeschooling mom in San Luis Obispo County, I still can’t help but feel compelled to stand up against what is going on in our public schools. It just plain feels wrong to the... (Continue reading)