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Tacker is the most qualified candidate for Los Osos

OPINION by PEGGY PAVEK Sadly, there is too much misinformation being put out on “social media” and elsewhere about Julie Tacker and I would like the opportunity to clear up any “confusion” about Ms. Tackers position and qualifications. First, it’s an outright lie that Julie “intends” to dissolve the Los Osos Community Services District. What […]... (Continue Reading)

Los Osos needs an unbiased investigation

OPINION By PEGGY PAVEK I’m very concerned about the way in which Los Osos Community Services District Board President Mike Wright, Vice President Marshall Ochylski and attorney Mike Seitz went about “selecting” an “investigator” for the matter concerning General Manager Kathy Kivley. Clearly, they chose one of the “good old boys” from San Luis Obispo […]... (Continue Reading)