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Mortgage assist funds reallocated

Millions of dollars from a settlement pool intended to help California homeowner victims of mortgage abuses has been diverted to the state’s general fund by Gov. Jerry Brown to help balance his budget. (San Francisco Chronicle) California is one of... (Continue reading)

State parks hoarded $54 million, claimed budget shortfall

The director of California’s state parks resigned and a deputy was fired Friday following the discovery the  department had stashed away nearly $54 million in surplus money while parks were threatened with closures because of budget cuts. While the under-reported... (Continue reading)

Crack down on SLO County identity theft rings

The San Luis Obispo County operators of two high-tech bank scam operations that ripped off hundreds of Chase Bank customers over the last three years are winding their way through the court system as the result of a crackdown by... (Continue reading)

If hard-won court victory against Prop 8 is tossed out because of “standing” defect, you can thank Jerry Brown

OPINION BY PETER SCHEER — If I were Ted Olson, the former US solicitor general who is leading the legal battle against Prop 8, I would be unhappy with Jerry Brown right now. Olson’s hard-won victory before federal district court... (Continue reading)