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Santa Barbara police officer headed to jail for fraud

A 28-year-old Santa Barbara police officer was sentenced Friday to 120 days in jail for workers compensation fraud, according to Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley Jacob Finerty pled to four counts of felony workers’ compensation fraud. Following... (Continue reading)

Correctional officer arrested for fraud and theft

Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested a correctional officer for insurance fraud and grand theft for allegedly collecting more than $60,000 in workers’ compensation benefits he was not entitled to receive. In November 2012, James Levice Davis Junious, 33, injured... (Continue reading)

California state senator took bribes for aiding workers’ comp fraud

California Democratic State Senator Ronald Calderon accepted bribes from a Southern California hospital executive running a workers’ compensation scheme, as well as from undercover FBI agents posing as Hollywood executives, according to a sealed FBI affidavit. [Al Jazeera] Earlier this... (Continue reading)

California awarding athletes millions in workers’ comp

California has awarded approximately $747 million to former professional athletes in workers’ compensation claims since the 1980s. [LA Times] An August study commissioned by major professional sports leagues determined that about 4,500 players received the total payout of nearly $750... (Continue reading)