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Barbara Boxer bounces back

Despite low approval ratings from California voters, Sen. Barbara Boxer is back in the lead in her bid for re-election in November. [Chronicle] According to a new Field Poll released Friday, Boxer now leads GOP challenger Carly Fiorina by 47... (Continue reading)

Parkinson declines to debate on KVEC

After considering the invitation for two weeks, Sheriff’s candidate Ian Parkinson has decided not to debate opponent Joe Cortez on KVEC radio. KVEC news director King Harris had been attempting to bring the two candidates together for a forum on... (Continue reading)

Reporter admits mistake about Brown and taxes

The former CNN reporter who said ex-Gov. Jerry Brown’s eight years as governor resulted in higher taxes now admits he made a mistake in his original 1992 article. [MercuryNews] Republican candidate for governor Meg Whitman is running TV ads that... (Continue reading)

Final cost of special election: $750,000

The special state Senate elections from last June and August will end up costing San Luis Obispo County $750,000. [Tribune] County Clerk-Recorder Julie Rodewald says the cost of the election to replace Abel Maldonado does not include the four other... (Continue reading)

Cortez denies having second pension

The Cortez for Sheriff campaign issued a statement Thursday night, denying that candidate Joe Cortez has more than one pension. “Let me set the record straight. Cortez has one pension,” said Cortez campaign manager John Allen of Paso Robles. “That... (Continue reading)

Four states mounting legal assault on California

The attorney generals from at least four states are planning to sue if California’s Global Warming Solutions Act survives a challenge at the ballot box in November. [CaliforniaWatch] The attorneys generals of Alabama, Nebraska, Texas and North Dakota have been... (Continue reading)

Opponents battle over Prado Road extension

The fight over the proposed extension of Prado Road that would connect South Higuera Street to Broad Street on the south end of San Luis Obispo, which will be on the Nov. 2 general election ballot, is heating up. The proposal,... (Continue reading)

Senator Sam!

Republican Sam Blakeslee will be the next state Senator from the five counties that comprise District 15. Blakeslee, currently a state Assemblyman from San Luis Obispo led the vote count throughout the evening in pretty much of a repeat performance... (Continue reading)

Let’s get prison healthcare out of the Intensive Care Unit

OPINION By John Laird - California’s prisons face many, many challenges. Overcrowding. Violence. Gutted rehabilitation programs. An aging, and unhealthy, inmate population. And let’s be frank, spending more money—or worse yet wasting it—on our prisons and inmate healthcare during the current... (Continue reading)

Run Away Prison Costs Hurting Our State

OPINION By Sam Blakeslee, Ph.D. - When the recession hit our nation and state revenues collapsed, Sacramento leaders were confronted with a series of dire budget scenarios. In 2009, the Legislature passed the largest tax increase in the nation, hiking... (Continue reading)