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Meg Whitman’s campaign tweets cross dressing bassist

Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman might come from a tech savvy background, but some of her campaign staffers appear to have missed the boat. [InfoWorld] On Monday, Whitman’s campaign sent out a twitter update with a link intended to take viewers... (Continue reading)

Brown and Whitman’s top contributors

There has been a lot of debate about the cash being spent on California’s gubernatorial race, but who is actually taking out their checkbooks [CaliforniaWatch] So far Republican candidate Meg Whitman has spent $140 million, more than any other U.S.... (Continue reading)

The Shredder takes on The Hulk

We knew–we just knew–CalCoastNews couldn’t be the only media in town amused by the recent Youtube exchange between sheriff’s candidate Ian Parkinson and former television star Lou Ferrigno. So we weren’t all that surprised to go online this morning and... (Continue reading)

Parkinson takes on the Incredible Hulk (seriously)

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s candidate Ian Parkinson may avoid debates on KVEC, or interviews with our intrepid reporter Karen Velie, but no one declines an interview with the Incredible Hulk. Just when you thought that Parkinson couldn’t become any... (Continue reading)

Parkinson responds

Ian Parkinson, the front runner in the November election for county Sheriff, defended his actions Thursday as an expert witness in a 2000 civil trial. [KSBY] Parkinson has come under criticism after CalCoastNews reported that the San Luis Obispo police... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles man challenges Congressman McCarthy

A Paso Robles man has launched a write-in campaign challenging Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield for a chance to represent the 22nd Congressional District. [] John Uebersax said he is running on a platform of ending the wars in Afghanistan and... (Continue reading)

Whitman outspends Brown 14 to 1; still trails

Despite spending nearly $120 million of her personal fortune, roughly a 14 to 1 advantage over opponent Jerry Brown, Republican Meg Whitman is trailing in recent polls. [California Watch] Analysts say that Whitman is still being battered by recent accusations... (Continue reading)

Cortez responds to questions about his health

Former Pismo Beach police chief and candidate for county Sheriff, Joe Cortez, issued a statement Friday morning, responding to questions being raised about his health. “I was contacted today by a local reporter asking about a medical matter during my... (Continue reading)

Whitman admits hiring undocumented housekeeper

Meg Whitman admitted Wednesday that she paid an undocumented worker to clean her residence and provide other services in her home for nine years but insisted that she had been unaware of the woman’s immigration status. The Republican gubernatorial candidate,... (Continue reading)

Former Meg Whitman’s housekeeper goes to the press

The former housekeeper for California Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is expected to hold a press conference Wednesday, offering what sources say are “controversial and explosive allegations.” [TMZ] Whitman’s campaign chairman, former governor Pete Wilson said he is unaware of... (Continue reading)