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Who will be the new county sheriff?

An impressive primary performance by Ian Parkinson underscores the challenge facing runner-up Joe Cortez as the two face off in the general election to decide who will be the next San Luis Obispo County Sheriff. [Tribune] Parkinson, a San Luis... (Continue reading)

Ten initiatives makes the November ballot

Ten statewide measures have officially qualified for California’s November election. [Capitol Weekly] The deadline was Thursday and more than half of the ballot measures, requiring sufficient signatures from voters, qualified at the last minute. Get ready to rumble, experts warn.... (Continue reading)

Election night cliffhanger: Blakeslee is close

Republican Sam Blakeslee came oh-so-close Tuesday night to clinching the state Senate race outright, but he fell short by only a handful of votes, leading observers to wonder whether there are uncounted absentee ballots remaining that might yet allow him... (Continue reading)

Be sure to vote today!

You have until 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 22nd, to cast your ballot and make your voices heard in the special state Senate District 15 election. Four candidates seek your vote: Republican Sam Blakeslee of San Luis Obispo, Democrat John Laird... (Continue reading)

Tuesday’s election centers on one issue: Oil

It probably wasn’t supposed to be this way, but analysts are suggesting that Tuesday’s special election to fill Abel Maldonado’s state Senate seat is coming down to one key issue: Offshore oil drilling and which candidate comes across with the... (Continue reading)

Jerry Brown’s Nazi problem

The election race for California governor has barely begun, but already Democrat Jerry Brown is in the awkward position of defending himself following comments he made comparing opponent Meg Whitman’s campaign to a famous Nazi. [LA Times] Doug Sovern, a... (Continue reading)

Campaigns spending $2 million on Tuesday’s election

Some public officials have been griping about the cost of Tuesday’s special election between Republican Sam Blakeslee and Democrat John Laird. However, new figures show that the two campaigns and independent groups are spending more than $2 million throughout the... (Continue reading)

Laird picks up six newspaper endorsements

As the clock ticks down towards next Tuesday’s special election for Abel Maldonado’s former state Senate seat, the battle of the newspaper endorsements is heating up. Last week, Republican Sam Blakeslee received the endorsement of The Tribune. In a press... (Continue reading)

Whitman funnels $91 million into campaign

Meg Whitman, the GOP nominee for governor, contributed another $20 million to her war chest for a total of more than $91 million in personal donations. [WallStreetJournal] Whitman’s has said she will contribute up to $150 million from her own... (Continue reading)

Special election one week away

The special election to fill the state Senate seat of Abel Maldonado is now one week away and the environment, thanks to the British Petroleum oil spill, is dominating the race between Democrat John Laird and Republican Sam Blakeslee [Mercury... (Continue reading)