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Cow fart bill passes California Legislature

California legislators have approved a bill targeting cow flatulence and manure, which lawmakers blame for releasing greenhouse gases. The legislation aims to reduce methane emissions related to manure to 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030. [CBS San Francisco] Senator... (Continue reading)

Marijuana and assisted suicide bills go to California governor

A series of medical marijuana regulations passed both houses of the California Legislature just prior to a midnight deadline, and a bill that would legalize assisted suicide also moved on to the governor’s desk Friday. Friday marked the final day... (Continue reading)

What bills are under consideration in California?

California lawmakers have just four days left in this year’s regular session, and more than 300 bills are awaiting action. [LA Times] Bills under consideration include proposals to fight climate change, legalize assisted suicide and increase tobacco and medical marijuana... (Continue reading)

Climate change revisited

OPINION By DR. RAY WEYMANN In January 2010 I wrote an essay for CalCoastNews entitled “The Climate Change Challenge.” It is interesting but sobering to see in what ways the picture has and has not changed since then. A good... (Continue reading)

Central California coastal waters significantly warmer

Since the beginning of July, California Central coastal waters have been up to 7 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than average, leading to an unusual array of aquatic life spotted in the area. [LA Times] The upper ocean waters within 50 to... (Continue reading)

Brown signs West Coast pact on climate change

Governor Jerry Brown joined the governors of Oregon and Washington and the premier of British Columbia Monday to sign a West Coast pact on fighting climate change. [Mercury News] The Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy commits the... (Continue reading)

Lowest rainfall in 143 years

Droopy trees, smelly lakes and wilted flowers blanket San Luis Obispo County as a result of the lowest rainfall experienced in 143 years. The county is slipping further into drought with 3.5 inches of rainfall between January and October marking... (Continue reading)

Global cooling?

The Arctic ice cap increased 60 percent over one year triggering intense debates over global warming predictions. [Mail] In Sept. 2012, Arctic ice covered 1.32 million square miles, an all-time recorded low and some scientists predicted that by 2013 the... (Continue reading)

Redwood trees may thrive on global warming

California’s famous old-growth redwood trees may be benefiting from global warming. (San Jose Mercury News) That’s the assessment of scientists and researchers who have been carefully monitoring the giant conifers to determine if climate change is having a negative impact... (Continue reading)

Climate change impacting California, says EPA report

Climate change is “an immediate and growing threat” affecting California water supplies, farming, forests, wildlife and public health, according to a report issued Thursday by the California Environmental Protection Agency. [Mercury News] Fifty-one scientists combined to author the 258-page report,... (Continue reading)