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a claim or dispute brought to a court of law for adjudication.

Handgun open carry law unconstitutional?

A California resident filed a lawsuit arguing that a law prohibiting the open carrying of an unloaded handgun is unconstitutional. [CaliforniaWatch] Charles Nichols filed the lawsuit in federal court against the state seeking to overturn restrictions on where he can... (Continue reading)

Another Arroyo Grande sex harassment claim

Another Arroyo Grande police officer says she was sexually harassed and discriminated against, and that department and city officials ignored reports of illegal acts. Michelle Cota is suing the city, the police department, Chief Steven Annibali and former Commander John Hough... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande police officer alleges sexual harassment

Contentious claims of a culture of sexual discrimination and harassment have resulted in the first of three proposed lawsuits against the city of Arroyo Grande, its police department and Chief Steve Annibali winding its way through the system. Arroyo Grande police... (Continue reading)

Detective on the hook for faulty SWAT team raid

The 9th Circuit Court ruled Friday a Santa Maria couple can sue the detective whose faulty warrant led to a SWAT team storming their home in search of their son who was already in jail. [CourthouseNewsService] The Santa Maria Police... (Continue reading)

Wal-Mart rally against Rottman Group – via robocalls

Robocalls disparaging the Rottman Group and asking the public to support Wal-Mart ignited a wide-range of responses from Atascadero residents and a denial of any involvement by the mega retailer. “Attention Wal-Mart supporters,” the calls said before slamming the Rottman... (Continue reading)

Developers using environmental laws to fight the competition

To stop a competitor from building a project near a southern California university, a student housing firm used the state’s environmental quality laws as an effective cheap weapon of destruction. [LATimes] Conquest Student Housing has 17 buildings rented to USC... (Continue reading)

SunPower agrees to cease operations after 50 years

SunPower Corp. settled a dispute with a group of litigants battling against its San Luis Obispo County solar project by agreeing to close the plant down after 50 years of operation. The 250-megawatt proposed California Valley Solar Ranch plant will... (Continue reading)

103-year-old tombstone falls on Paso Robles girl

Attorneys for the Paso Robles Cemetery District are battling over who is responsible for maintaining tombstones after an aged-grave marker fell on a four-year-old Paso Robles girl breaking her ankle. Last year, Heather Wolcott was visiting the Paso Robles Cemetery with... (Continue reading)

Bank sues Rottman Group over Atascadero projects

A Central Coast bank filed a lawsuit earlier this month against the Rottman Group for defaulting on a $6.2 million debt related to the Atascadero Annex project. [PacificCoastBusinessTimes] On Oct. 18, Montecito Bank & Trust filed a lawsuit in Santa... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly boss pay lawsuit bounced

A Los Angeles judge tossed a lawsuit Tuesday contending new Cal Poly president Jeffery Armstrong was higher than allowed by law. The lawsuit, filed by Lillian Taiz, president of the California Faculty Association, alleged that Armstrong’s $380,000 annual compensation was... (Continue reading)