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SLO County Board of Supervisors should implement Laura’s Law

OPINION By DJ JAFFE The murder of 61-year-old Earlene Grove by her mentally ill daughter Sunni Jackson, in Paso Robles most likely wouldn’t have happened if the San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors had implemented Laura’s Law. Laura’s Law allows... (Continue reading)

Violence increasing at California state mental hospitals

Assaults by patients at California’s state mental hospitals have escalated and confinements times have increased while  a costly federal effort to reduce heavy drugging and improper restraining failed to improve care and help patients control violent impulses. [LATimes] In 2006,... (Continue reading)

Kafkaesque nightmare at county mental health facility

San Luis Obispo County's claim that it is not responsible for the brutal attacks of women at its mental health facility on Johnson Avenue was thrown out by a judge on Feb. 8. Superior Court Judge Dodie Harman ruled against the... (Continue reading)

Christmas Day murderer ruled legally insane

A San Luis Obispo County Superior Court judge ruled that Andrew Downs was legally insane when he shot and killed two sisters in Santa Margarita on Christmas Day in 2010. [Tribune] During Downs’ trial, doctors for both the defense and... (Continue reading)

If it takes a village–then you better build a hut for the therapist

By RACHEL LYNN SCHERZ Children need therapy.  Teenagers need therapy. There I said it.  For so long, I’ve shied away from such bold and finite statements. But after years of working in elementary, middle, and high schools, being a nanny, ... (Continue reading)