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Discrimination at Cal Poly? Say it isn’t so

OPINION By ROGER FREBERG (Editor’s note: This is part two in a two-part opinion piece.) “It’s not every day that left-leaning academics admit that they would discriminate against a minority.” – Washington Post College life today College has changed since... (Continue reading)

Ian Parkinson does not speak for me

OPINION By ALLAN COOPER Ian Parkinson is my sheriff but he does not speak for me when he opposes gun control. He argues that the problem does not lie with the over-preponderance of guns in our society but rather with... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles teachers demand superintendent tell the truth

OPINION By PASO ROBLES TEACHERS UNION After delivering a 97 percent vote of no confidence in Superintendent Dr. Kathleen McNamara at the Feb. 5 meeting of the Paso Robles School Board, teachers plan to return en masse to this Tuesday’s... (Continue reading)

Gibson’s costly affair

OPINION By JULIE TACKER In a Tribune exclusive Nov. 16, 2012, San Luis Obispo County District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson admitted a longtime extramarital affair between he and his Legislative Assistant, Cherie Auspiro. The couple had disclosed their personal relationship... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles educators and administrators at impasse

PRESS RELEASE from PASO ROBLES PUBLIC EDUCATORS On Tuesday, teachers and district officials met with a State Mediator in attempts to resolve the current bargaining impasse. No agreement was reached. “We tried hard to find a compromise,” explained Jim Lynett,... (Continue reading)

Oceano’s unapproved water sale pursuit

OPINION By JULIE TACKER We are all aware of the decade’s long water shortage in Nipomo. For years the community has struggled with basin management, litigation and rising costs, a plight that will continue into the future. In November the... (Continue reading)

Our Supervisor Gibson

OPINION By KATHLEEN WELLES I live in District 2 in San Luis Obispo County. I have never been to one of our county board of supervisors meetings before but feel the need to write this letter after hearing Supervisor Adam... (Continue reading)

Free Austin Sarna

OPINION By TERRY MOHAN Austin Sarna, the Good Samaritan transient, who interceded on an assault by several local drunks on a passing motorist in January 2012, has decided to refuse a plea bargain offered by the San Luis Obispo County... (Continue reading)

Facebook’s new search is Google’s nightmare come true

OPINION By PETER SCHEER Although the stock market yawned at Facebook’s announcement of “Graph Search,” its new search service, with investors wagering it would only hurt smaller, vertical search services like Yelp and Linkedin, the truth is that it is... (Continue reading)

KCBX gone less Public?

OPINION By LINDE OWEN KCBX turned off a 22 year old community tradition last week when they followed through with their removal of the Tuesday airing of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors weekly meeting. Their reasoning was... (Continue reading)