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SLO water rates to rise again

OPINION By RICHARD SCHMIDT In San Luis Obispo, we know it’s June when the city council votes to increase residential water and sewer fees. This annual ritual is as dependable as the swallows’ return to San Juan Capistrano. The only... (Continue reading)

Letter to the editor: SLO’s lack of leadership

By ALLAN COOPER Previous San Luis Obispo City Councils instituted a policy requiring a modicum of housing (ideally “workforce” housing) in all new major downtown developments. Of course this runs counter to the so-called (totally fictitious) “free-market economics” which some... (Continue reading)

Paul Brown responds to abuse allegations

OPINION By PAUL BROWN It came to my attention today that my ex-wife, Jayne Isaacs, has sent out an email attacking my character in the final three weeks of this special election. While the ugliness of our divorce and the... (Continue reading)

Ex-wife pillories council hopeful Paul Brown

OPINION By JAYNE BROWN I have read and been stirred by the letters to the editor supporting Paul Brown for a seat on San Luis Obispo City Council. Because the true facts have been buried or hidden, understandably, none of... (Continue reading)

Letter to the editor: Christianson supports a vibrant downtown

By DAVID BRODIE I, David Brodie, as a downtown urban designer, feel I must take a stand on the following issue. The success of our downtown is largely dependent on its character and vitality. If there is no character and... (Continue reading)

Survey avoided hard questions

OPINION By JULIE TACKER The recent telephone survey gauging the impacts of County Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s long-term affair with his legislative assistant Cherie Aispuro also asked participants their ranking of importance on county issues.  Protecting its clean air, the plastic... (Continue reading)

Letter to the editor: Voters beware

By KATHY SMITH Bud and I are friends. We’ve exchanged ideas, pleasantries, San Luis Obispo City opinions (for years) while our dogs explore Laguna Lake Dog Park. Sometimes, our dog park times don’t cross for weeks, months. Saturday May 18,... (Continue reading)

Thanks to Wild Cherry Canyon supporters

Letter from KARA BLAKESLEE Greetings, friends and long-time supporters of Wild Cherry Canyon. As you’ve probably heard, plans to add the 2400-acre coastal Wild Cherry Canyon property to Montana de Oro State Park have fallen through. It’s been a long... (Continue reading)

Crazy comes to Cayucos, pretends to have a gun

OPINION By STACEY WARDE We get our share of crazies passing through town. I met one recently at Kelley’s Espresso and Desserts Coffee Shop in Cayucos. Right away he took a dislike to me—and to just about everyone who crossed... (Continue reading)

Do not consolidate SLO County financial offices

Letter from KAREN ADAMS to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors As the Merced County Treasurer-Tax Collector, I request that you do not approve the consolidation of Treasurer-Tax Collector with Auditor-Controller. I testified at the California Senate Local... (Continue reading)