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Rally to return publishers grandchildren

Citizens of San Luis Obispo County gathered outside the courthouse on the morning of December 10, 2013 to call for the release of CalCoastNews publisher Karen Velie’s grandchildren from Child Welfare Services custody. Protesters then entered the SLO County Board... (Continue reading)

Rally to free Karen Velie’s grandchildren

OPINION by SAUNDRA MURRAY KING It’s time for the masses to gather together and protest against the subjective cruelties of San Luis Obispo County Child Welfare Services. While we do need to have a watchdog for the protection of our... (Continue reading)

Three citizens ejected from SLO County Board of Supervisors’ meeting

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson tossed three speakers out of Tuesday’s board meeting following an argument that ensued after community members asked for information about a pledge Gibson and a fellow  supervisor signed. Speaking during public comment, several... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach mayor keeps seat on APCD board

The Grover Beach City Council voted Tuesday night to keep Mayor Debbie Peterson on the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District Board despite concerns from council members over her decision to circulate a petition calling for the repeal... (Continue reading)

Mason detractors protest rehire of SLO firefighter

About 20 people protested the city of San Luis Obispo’s rehiring of embattled firefighter John Ryan Mason on Monday. Prior to a city council budgeting meeting Monday evening, protesters gathered outside City Hall holding signs criticizing SLO Fire Chief Charlie... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly gay makeout session goes viral

A woman preaching anti-gay sentiments at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo was rendered speechless when two students began kissing. The kiss was caught on video Tuesday and posted on YouTube where it has received more than 314,000... (Continue reading)

School board keeps Teach but kills public comment

The San Luis Coastal Unified School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to temporarily continue the operation of Teach Elementary School during an emotional meeting Tuesday evening in which the board squelched public comment. Despite a recommendation from Superintendent Eric... (Continue reading)

Price Canyon debate continues in Pismo Beach

People for and against the Spanish Springs development are talking about potential transformations to the community if the Pismo Beach project proposal successfully finds its way through the process. Both sides have made claims. Proponents and city staff have been... (Continue reading)

SLO sets financial priorities

San Luis Obispo City Council members elected to focus on homelessness, neighborhood wellness, infrastructure, a skate park and bike paths at a financial priorities workshop on Saturday. At the top of the list, city officials chose to partnership with Community... (Continue reading)

SLO residents voice budget concerns

Members of the public voiced their concerns during a San Luis Obispo City Council community forum Tuesday on city priorities for the upcoming two-year budget cycle. Council members listened to multiple hours of public comment from a large crowd at... (Continue reading)