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Sanitation board meeting turns contentious

Two members of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District board sparred with board member Tim Hill and members of Surfriders over requests for an investigation into the financial cost of having the administrator of the district also act... (Continue reading)

Water main breaks in San Luis Obispo

UPDATE: A broken major water main left many homes and offices in San Luis Obispo–including French Hospital–without water. At approximately 4 p.m., the water was turned back on. Johnson Avenue, however, will remain under repair into the night, said French... (Continue reading)

Fire Safety for the Holidays

Christmas Tree Fire – Multi Camera Angles In this video a NIST test room is set up to simulate a dry Christmas tree fire and how a such fire would behave and spread to the rest of the home. For... (Continue reading)

CalCoastNews’ top stories of 2009

From government employees abusing the public trust to lending schemes that devastating investors, CalCoastNews readers were the first to get the news about many of the prominent local events of 2009. Lending schemes devastate investors In March, we broke the news that... (Continue reading)

State investigation of public works scandal nearing end

By KAREN VELIE (EDITORS' NOTE: Following CalCoastNews’ continuing investigations into the alleged theft of public funds by county workers, concerned employees have come forward with allegations that millions in public monies have been stolen and threats of retaliation repeated.) State investigators continue... (Continue reading)

County employees accused of theft of public funds

By KAREN VELIE County officials continue to threaten whistleblowers while the state has mounted an investigation into the theft of county resources by at least two employees, according to inside county sources. A handful of county employees, who claim they are tired... (Continue reading)