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The minimum wage charade

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN Both chambers of the California state legislature recently passed the largest increase in the minimum wage in decades and the Governor promises to sign the bill. The claim by supporters is that the raise will make... (Continue reading)

Court upholds California’s low carbon fuel standards

A federal appellate court ruled Wednesday that California regulators can impose low carbon fuel standards on wholesalers and refineries in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. [LA Times] AB 32, California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, requires producers, refiners and importers... (Continue reading)

California considering non-physician abortions

Women who want abortions in California may soon not need the assistance of a doctor. [Townhall] Nurse practitioners, midwives and physician assistants will join in the act of performing abortions if Governor Jerry Brown signs AB 154. The bill, which... (Continue reading)

California hunters may lose lead bullets

Governor Jerry Brown may make California the first state in the country to ban the use of lead bullets for the purpose of hunting. [SF Gate] AB 711, which would require hunters to use ammunition made from a metal other... (Continue reading)

Maldonado’s top advisors out

Former lieutenant governor Abel Maldonado’s top advisors are no longer part of his team as he explores a bid for governor. [LosAngelesTimes] Over the past few weeks, his senior strategist John Weaver, media strategist Fred Davis, campaign manager Jeff Corless... (Continue reading)

California governor supports $10 minimum wage

California Governor Jerry Brown announced Wednesday that he supports a bill in the legislature to raise the state’s minimum wage to $10 an hour. [Huffington Post] “The minimum wage has not kept pace with rising costs,” Brown said in a... (Continue reading)

Californians Republicans lead in local politics

California Republicans hold about half the state’s mayor and council seats, while at the same time largely irrelevant in state politics. [LATimes] Over the past two decades, California’s Democratic party has cemented a state level stronghold with 44 percent of... (Continue reading)

California lawmakers battling ‘revenge porn’

California lawmakers are attempting to reverse a growing trend of people posting naked photos of their ex-lovers on the Internet. [Wall Street Journal] Earlier this month, the Senate approved SB 255, which would make the posting of “revenge porn” a... (Continue reading)

California legislature returns to gun control package

The California legislature returns from its summer recess Monday, and numerous proposed gun control measures await hearings. [Mercury News] On Monday, the Senate Appropriations Committee will hear bills passed by the Assembly that include proposals to create a state database... (Continue reading)

Domestic drone use under scrutiny

California lawmakers are taking a close look at establishment of testing sites for domestically-deployed unmanned aircraft — drones — with the notion of reviving the state’s declining aerospace industry. (Sacramento Bee) The use of such technology for domestic purposes is... (Continue reading)