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Cal Poly astronaut to pilot NASA mission around moon

NASA has selected Cal Poly alum Victor Glover as the pilot for its upcoming Artemis II mission around the moon. Artemis is a lunar exploration program led by NASA intended to reestablish a human presence on the moon. The program’s... (Continue reading)

SpaceX rocket lights up Central Coast sky

  Falcon 9’s first West Coast land landing — SpaceX (@SpaceX) October 8, 2018 Hundreds of spectators gathered outside of Lompoc while countless other people watched and took photos and videos from up and down the California Coast Sunday... (Continue reading)

Rocket launches from Vandenberg but botches landing

A rocket launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on Sunday and successfully delivered an ocean-monitoring satellite into space, but it failed to stick the landing. The rocket broke a support leg and tipped over after landing on a barge 200... (Continue reading)

Pilots in Virgin Galactic crash were Cal Poly alums

The two men piloting a test spaceflight that crashed in the Mojave Desert on Friday are Cal Poly alums who graduated from the university’s aerospace engineering program. [KSBY] Michael Alsbury, 39, and Peter Siebold, 43, were flying the Virgin Galactic... (Continue reading)

Spacecraft on secret mission to land at Vandenberg

An unmanned U.S. Air Force spacecraft on a classified mission is expected to land at Vandenberg Air Force Base, possibly as soon as this week. [Pacific Coast Business Times] The Boeing-built X-37B robotic space plane launched on a rocket from... (Continue reading)