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California clouds spending data

Transparency of its public spending practices by this state’s government is sadly lacking, according to the California Public Interest Research Group (CPIRG). In an annual report, “Following the Money 2013: How States Rank on Providing Online Access to Government Spending... (Continue reading)

Asians immigration to California surpasses Latino immigration

During the past decade, the number of Asian immigrants has increased becoming two and a half times greater than Latino numbers, according to census data. [SacramentoBee] In 2001, 42 percent of immigrants coming to California were from Latin America while... (Continue reading)

Police killed by gunfire makes 2011 worst year in a decade

Nick Armstrong, 28, became the 49th law enforcement officer killed by gunfire in the U.S. this year, putting 2011 on track for one of the worst years for lawmen killed in gun-related deaths in a decade. [Witness LA] Armstrong was... (Continue reading)

Pending home sales up

Pending home sales in California rose in May, marking the first year-over-year increase in a year and a half, according to the California Association of Realtors (CAR). The association’s pending home sales index was 118.3 in May, up 1.6 percent from... (Continue reading)

California cellphone law not making roads safer

The state law requiring drivers to use hands-free cellphones is not making California highways any safer, according to a new study. [Los Angeles Times] The Highway Loss Data Institute found that the rates of crashes before and after the 2008... (Continue reading)

Unequal pay for equal work continues

New U.S. Department of Labor statistics report that women in California who were full-time wage and salary workers had median weekly incomes of $738, or 87 percent of the $852 median for their male counterparts in 2008. Nationwide, women earned... (Continue reading)