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Legislation proposes state regulated medical marijuana

A California state senator recently introduced legislation to have state regulated medical marijuana. If passed, the state would have oversight of pot farmers, doctors who prescribe medical marijuana cards and the stores that sell it. Since 1996 when the people... (Continue reading)

Is law enforcement incentivized against legalizing marijuana?

As Colorado was legalizing medical marijuana, law enforcement officials from California voiced their disapproval pointing at what they deemed failed medical marijuana laws in California. [McClatchy] “I was told that we hadn’t learned anything from California – that you can’t... (Continue reading)

California pot entrepreneur sentenced to five years in prison

A Central Valley medical marijuana entrepreneur, who once applied to set up a dispensary in San Luis Obispo, has received a five-year-federal prison sentence. [Modesto Bee] Stockton businessman Matthew Davies, an MBA graduate, restaurateur and owner of a property management... (Continue reading)

High court zones out pot stores

Cities and counties in California can use zoning restrictions to scotch medical marijuana dispensaries, the state’s supreme court ruled Monday. (Los Angeles Times) The decision reaffirms prohibitions now in place in about 200 California cities, officials of which have sought... (Continue reading)

Marijuana farmers’ market buds in Northern California

A farmers’ market for marijuana has sprouted in Northern California’s Sonoma County. [Modern Farmer] The Organicann Harvest Market takes place every third Saturday of the month in a purple warehouse in unincorporated Sonoma County. The Organicann dispensary operates the farmers’... (Continue reading)

Inside job suspected in Los Osos pot robbery

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detectives arrested a Los Osos resident and mobile medical marijuana dispensary driver for staging a robbery of money and marijuana she transported for her employer. Around 3:25 p.m. Wednesday, two suspects in Los Osos allegedly... (Continue reading)

Los Osos mobile marijuana dispensary robbed

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies have three people in custody for an alleged strong-arm robbery of a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Osos. [Tribune] On Wednesday, two men and a woman allegedly took marijuana and cash from a female... (Continue reading)

Plan to regulate pot touted

A new state bureaucracy to regulate medical cannabis is being proposed by a San Francisco Democrat who believes California “has been in chaos for years” over muddled marijuana laws. (Bay Area News Group) Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s bill would create the... (Continue reading)

Record number of Californians support marijuana legalization

A California poll released Wednesday revealed that 54 percent of voters now support legalizing marijuana, representing the highest total in the poll’s 44-year history. [Mercury News] The Field Poll conducted by Field Research Corporation asked registered California voters whether they... (Continue reading)

Medical marijuana returned to patients

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s officials recently were ordered by Judge John Trice to return a supply of marijuana and related products to Ethnobotonica Patients Collective after felony charges against collective driver Chance Simmons were dropped by the district attorney.... (Continue reading)

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