Grover Beach Marine severely injured in Afghanistan

July 1, 2011

A 21-year-old Grover Beach Marine lost his leg in an explosion while serving his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. [SantaMariaTimes]

On June 12, Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Cody Elliott was patrolling the Helmand Province when he walked into a field of improvised explosive devices, the Times said.

Elliott broke multiple bones, lost one of his fingers and his left leg required amputation below the knee. He has already undergone several surgeries and is facing two major operations.

Elliott moved from Paso Robles to the Five Cities area when he was 10.

He attended Arroyo Grande High School before transferring to the Grizzly Youth Academy at Camp San Luis Obispo where he received his high school diploma.

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Sorry, but the worthless war on drugs has been going on since that pos Nixon started it in the 70’s. Many more people have been killed, imprisoned, and beaten than any war in US history. I won’t even get into the costs. Just think about it each time our worthless legislators cut $ from the education budget and not from the drug war or the prison industrial complex.

My sympathies go out to this apparently fine young man and his family. Although surgeries can give him a body that he will be able to function in society with for the rest of his life, the mental scars that this war is giving our veterans will most likely haunt him forever. I would ask all of society to push for funding to make sure that ALL returning Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan are provided with all of the medical and mental care they need to be able to return to being productive members of society. Let’s not allow any politician to cut any funding for Veteran’s health care issues, regardless of party affiliation.

You guys miss the point. This is about a poor local soldier and all my thoughts and prayers are for his recovery and reintegration into the corp should he choose. God Speed

Oh, Sandy is done stick her with a fork, you guys amuse me. Some of you sound like the church group picketing at soldier’s funerals… shame on you.

1) The volunteer army has changed how we look at things. In fact, the military has its pick nowadays and the whiners can stay home. I do think two years of compulsory service is not a bad thing with a variety of activities that qualify as service, but a ‘draft’ seems unnecessary and prone to criticism.

2) Oh Afghanistan is no different than any place else, kinda like California without trees… but there are folks who like to build it up as a secret military never-been-beaten stronghold… aint true. The real ‘secret’ of Afghanistan is our so called ally Pakistan…. who is really the problem.

Leave the kid alone,


2) I disagree. That place has sucked the life out of Russia (twice I think), England, and the US. The locals there have beaten everyone who made the mistake of invading, they are tougher and will fight to the very last man-no one else is willing to do that. We were fools to go in with any intention of staying.

Why is it that people who believe in freedom when it comes to private property and business seem to have no problem using violent coercion to get others to do what they want.

Afghanistan: Where empire goes to die.


I’m amazed that mothers and fathers have not joined up with Cindy Sheehan by the tens of thousands to demand an end to the carnage. Even though there was a shred of sense in kicking the Taliban out all that has been long overruled by what this war has become for all of us, a fiasco. Just like Viet Nam, we can’t stay, we can’t get out. And of course Iraq is another disaster that has NO excuse. But even if these mistaken forays were legitimate, the ghastly war profiteering by Little dickie cheney’s Halliburton, Blackwater and many other crooked companies makes it all very clear. These wars are about money, big money, for the fat cats-death and economic ruin for the rest of us.

This tirade is on topic, for this soldier is another victim of our miserable foreign policy and execution thereof. I am very sorry this poor guy will spend the rest of his life as less whole than he would have been. I keep thinking of Cindy asking the clown that was appointed president in the last decade, “Why”? “What did my son Casey die for”? The bastard would not answer; he never did, as that question lingered for years….

You’ll ask so I will answer. I’m not thrilled that our current (and this time around, elected) President has not ended these fiascoes. Yet he inherited them, and as everyone knows once we jumped into the folly it is devilish to get out, which I am sure he is attempting to do with the least amount of angst.

We’ve had a war in every generation. Too bad yours has lasted a lifetime!

I’m a VN vet, that one and just about every one since has been a bum deal. Goodies for the fat cats, ruin for society and the foot soldier. I suppose humans are way too stupid to ever get it, they readily hand over their sons and daughters for other’s greed, every time.

By the way, the ONLY reason these wars lasted more than a year or two is because there is no draft. Ask anyone (guys-since this country is too lame to require all its citizens to participate like Israel does)) you know below the age of 30 (who has a life and isn’t about to sign up for this crap) what they would do if there was a draft. The answer is the always the same; they would be in the streets demanding an end to the war. It is primarily the ultrapatriotic (and misinformed) or those with little to do that sign up to be cannon fodder.

The Afghan war is the longest in history, we have ultra powerful allies and we cannot defeat a puny force of guerillas in the hills. We have spent and lost trillions in senseless waste and graft and killing of innocents and where are we? If we walk today, our adversaries will take over tomorrow (just like in Nam). So Cindy Sheehan’s son Casey’s death and this guy’s terrible wounds and a hundred thousand others and our trillions and our foreign policy and moral authority have all been wasted or thrown into question. For what? Tell me, for what? Anyone looking at our involvement would have to come to the conclusion that this country, with all its power and modern innovation is often led by incompetent crooks, killers and thieves in pursuing these two wars. Where is the lost money. Where are the, by now, fully trained local forces to take care of their own country?

What about the thousands of current homeless vets on the streets of LA alone?

Its always the same, start beating the drums, send Johhny off to war, give him marginal support, when he comes back shot to pieces do a minimal job of patching him up and throw him out (all the while admiring the little ribbons on our cars that say SUPPORT THE TROOPS. What a line of bull…

The Dog is right on! This is a disgusting for profit war,,,and we’re not the ones profiting, the Dick and his type are the ones making out like bandits on these wars. This poor kid, I feel so bad for him. He shouldn’t have been there. Why was he there? What’s the point?

Come on Obama, get us out of there now or we’ll find another dem to do it for you!