No needle now for Death Row club

November 4, 2011

There will be no state-sanctioned executions in California until 2013 because of a federal judge’s decision Thursday. [San Francisco Chronicle]   

Executions have been delayed since 2006 by court order as lawyers argue the issue of California’s lethal injection procedures. This state presently has 718 Death Row inhabitants.

A timetable proposed by attorneys for both the state and a variety of condemned individuals was approved by U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco, to give both sides time for evidence exchanges. At issue is California’s constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

Several federal court rulings during the past five years have required prison officials to revise execution techniques to conform with existing law.

The only U.S. manufacturer of one of the lethal drugs used in executions has since stopped production, forcing authorities to seek foreign sources. This has helped foster the argument that a mishandled execution could cause an inmate to remain conscious and die in agony.

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Switch to bullets instead of Lethal Injection. Less regulation, higher efficacy… and I can save the State of California millions by volunteering to assist. Hell, if it would speed up the process, I’d do it manually. 718 Death Row inmates is a f$cking JOKE. Let’s get a move on!

Case Point, what would we like to do with Wanda Wisto? She is the 46 year old woman that ordered the torture death of Dystiny Myers? I personally think the death penalty is too good for her. I want her locked up in a cage where she will suffered all the remaining day’s of her life. I know she will have to be segregated because the other woman will harm her and I know prison will be anything but a good time for her.

Totally agree in Wisto’s case.Her little minions will find their fellow inmates not so forgiving of the murder they did.They will need protective custody,they better be ready to fight.The death penalty needs to be decided on once and for all.Should some one be sentenced to death no down grading it years down the road because of politics to the point where they are paroled to the streets again.It’s happened before and that is unexcuseable.

Question: If you torture someone to death, would a life sentence of once a day water boarding be appropriate?

Me thinks so.

Sentence them to viewing Los Osos Sewer board meetings. They’ll kill themselves within a month.

That would be appropriate, death by exposure to dim wits, enlightened souls with love in their hearts for all the old people in Los Osos who will have to sell and move to Delano, where if they don’t get shot by other minorities, god willing they can hopefully live out their last days in peace.

Okay, by the way, we can abolish the death penalty,

but only if we ad homicide to victim’s and family’s rights!

Anyone remember way back in ye olde days when people in Los Osos were aware that there IS a world, a universe, A LIFE that actually exists outside of Los Osos?

My grandmother used to tell me stories of a time when people from Los Osos could form complete sentences, sometimes complete thoughts that didn’t include the word sewer.